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Healthtech Startup BeatO Expands Diabetes Care Services with Launch of PhyDigital Clinics across India

Written by : Jayati Dubey

November 15, 2023

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BeatO's move to introduce physical touchpoints will serve as physical hubs offering investigative and diagnostic services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care in physical and virtual settings.

In a recent move towards diabetes care, BeatO, a healthtech startup, has launched physical touchpoints in collaboration with renowned doctors across micro-markets. This strategic expansion aims to position BeatO as a 'phygital' diabetes care provider, integrating both the physical and digital realms.

The inaugural phase involves the establishment of five clinics in the Delhi/NCR region, unveiled on World Diabetes Day. The startup plans to replicate this model in key cities across Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Odisha within the next six months.

Gautam Chopra, founder and CEO of BeatO, emphasised the collaborative nature of this approach, saying, "This initiative is the next step and would further deepen our capabilities to serve our patient population. At the same time, we will endeavour to add value to our partner clinics with a flexible mindset."

BeatO's decision to introduce physical touchpoints underscores its aim to offer patients a diversified range of options for managing their diabetes. The clinics will not only serve as physical hubs but will also provide an array of investigative and diagnostic services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care in both physical and virtual settings.

The incorporation of physical touchpoints becomes particularly significant for patients with complex conditions, facilitating seamless transitions from in-person visits to digital consultations. This holistic approach aims to provide convenient, proactive, and comprehensive care throughout the patient's journey.

The initiative also includes the integration of custom-made front-end and back-end technology solutions to enhance network practices. BeatO plans to collaborate with partner clinics on research projects and publications, fostering a culture of shared knowledge.

Furthermore, both BeatO and collaborating practices will conduct local education and awareness campaigns, utilising both online and offline channels.

Dr Navneet Agarwal, chief clinical officer at BeatO, highlighted the importance of the innovative and technology-driven approach, saying, "Our collaborative partnerships with offline clinics are instrumental in delivering comprehensive and high-quality care that is a necessity in addressing the massive challenge presented by diabetes in India."

Over the next six months, BeatO has ambitious plans to establish over 100 clinic touchpoints nationwide, setting new standards for accessible and affordable diabetes management through its phygital care model.

Founded in 2015 by Gautam Chopra, Yash Sehgal, Kunal Kinalekar, and Abhishek Kumar, BeatO is a health tech company based in New Delhi. It developed a health monitoring app specifically designed for diabetic patients. This comprehensive application covers glucose level tracking, exercise routines, diet management, medication intake, and diagnostics.

BeatO's user-friendly interface facilitates real-time connections with healthcare professionals, such as doctors and diabetes educators, providing instant guidance and support.


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