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Google Unveils Series of AI-Powered Health Initiatives, Including Fitbit Integration & Cancer Screenings in India

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 20, 2024

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Google also partnered with Apollo Radiology International to deliver AI-powered screenings for tuberculosis, lung cancer, and breast cancer in India.

In a bid to transform healthcare, Alphabet Inc.'s Google has announced a series of initiatives aimed at deploying its AI models in the healthcare industry.

These initiatives include leveraging AI to provide insights from Fitbit wearable devices and partnering to improve cancer and disease screenings in India.

During its annual health event in New York City, Google revealed plans for a new AI feature in collaboration with Fitbit, which it acquired.

This feature, powered by Google's advanced AI model Gemini, will analyze data from Fitbit wristbands to provide personalized health coaching. For instance, it could assess the impact of workouts on sleep quality.

Additionally, Google partnered with Apollo Radiology International to deliver AI-powered screenings for tuberculosis, lung cancer, and breast cancer in India.

Once regulatory approval is obtained, this effort aims to provide three million free scans over the next decade, demonstrating Google's commitment to expanding access to healthcare globally.

Enhancing Health Information Access

Moreover, Google highlighted its efforts to improve health information accessibility on its platforms, including Google Search and YouTube. By integrating AI technologies, Google aims to ensure the delivery of high-quality health information to both consumers and companies.

Google's endeavors in healthcare have been ongoing for years, with the acquisition of Fitbit in 2019 being a significant step in this direction.

Despite facing antitrust scrutiny over data privacy concerns, Google claims to have persisted in its mission to innovate healthcare through AI technologies.

Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist at Google, emphasized the pivotal role of AI in transforming healthcare.

He said, "Its rise to prominence is the opening of a door. It helps people understand that there's a new realm of possibilities. Google needs to engage in a dialogue with healthcare providers, with doctors, with patients, with insurers to understand how the technology can be useful. It's that conversation that I think is going to drive change over the next decade."

Google's AI Exploration in Medical Research

Google has been actively integrating its AI work, including large language models, into medical research. Large language models, which process vast amounts of digital text, are being fine-tuned for medical applications.

Gemini, Google's advanced AI model, is being explored for its potential in healthcare, indicating Google's commitment to leveraging AI for medical advancements.

While Google did not provide a specific timeline for the release of the Fitbit-powered AI feature, the company's commitment to advancing healthcare through AI promises to be steadfast.

As AI continues to gain prominence, Google is poised to lead important discussions on the optimal deployment of AI in healthcare, ultimately driving positive change in the industry.

In another development, in December last year, Google unveiled MedLM suite, a collection of healthcare-specific AI models. It is positioned as a tool to assist clinicians and researchers in conducting complex studies and streamlining doctor-patient interactions.

Google Cloud Technology also collaborated with Apollo Expands to make healthcare accessible with Apollo's digital platform, Apollo24/7.

This digital platform is entirely built on Google Cloud to provide Indians with an omnichannel healthcare experience through telemedicine, online doctor consultations, pharmaceutical delivery to their homes, and enhanced clinician decision-making.

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