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GE HealthCare Launches MyBreastAI Suite to Accelerate Breast Cancer Detection

Written by : Jayati Dubey

November 30, 2023

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MyBreastAI Suite is set to be initially available in the United States, where it will be distributed, installed, and supported by GE HealthCare as part of the company's Senographe Pristina mammography portfolio.

To combat the global surge in cancer cases, GE HealthCare has unveiled the MyBreastAI Suite, a platform of AI applications designed to empower clinicians in breast cancer detection and enhance workflow productivity.

This suite integrates three AI applications from iCAD, including ProFound AI for DBT, SecondLook for 2D Mammography, and PowerLook Density Assessment, promising early detection and improved patient outcomes.

The relentless rise in the global cancer burden, particularly breast cancer surpassing lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer, has intensified the need for advanced tools that address issues related to access, burnout, variability, equity, and cost in breast imaging.

MyBreastAI Suite is crafted to deploy AI in breast imaging workflows that claims to offer a comprehensive solution to the multifaceted challenges faced by the healthcare community.

Key Components of MyBreastAI Suite:

1. ProFound AI for DBT:

Trained with one of the largest available 3D image datasets, ProFound AI for DBT equips radiologists with crucial information, including lesion Certainty of Finding and Case Scores. This facilitates prioritisation of caseloads, aids in clinical decision-making, and can potentially reduce burnout among healthcare professionals.

2. SecondLook for 2D Mammography:

The SecondLook Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) system for Mammography is designed to identify and mark regions of interest in screening and diagnostic mammograms from GE HealthCare's full-field digital mammography (FFDM) systems. This additional layer of analysis aims to bring critical findings to the attention of radiologists after an initial reading has been completed.

3. PowerLook Density Assessment:

This tool is pivotal in standardising breast density assessment, reducing variability across multiple radiologists. PowerLook Density Assessment enables healthcare professionals to provide accurate and reliable breast density assessments based on AI mammogram analysis by simplifying and standardising reporting and stratification for clinicians.

The suite also aligns with evolving screening guidelines and addresses personal risk factors such as breast density.

Pooja Pathak, vice president and general manager of Mammography at GE HealthCare, said, "As part of GE HealthCare's ongoing commitment to transform healthcare and improve patient outcomes, we continue to explore how we can leverage the power of AI in Mammography to support the early detection of breast cancer. As screening guidelines continue to evolve and more attention is given to personal risk factors such as breast density, these kinds of tools are an important and exciting addition to our comprehensive portfolio of breast imaging technologies."

MyBreastAI Suite is set to be initially available in the United States, where it will be distributed, installed, and supported by GE HealthCare as part of the company's Senographe Pristina mammography portfolio.

Founded in 1889, GE Healthcare is a subsidiary of General Electric (GE), based by Thomas Edison and Charles A. Coffin. The company provides a wide range of medical technologies and services to healthcare providers and researchers.

In September, the company secured a $44 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to facilitate the development of user-friendly, AI-assisted ultrasound imaging auto-assessment tools. This development is particularly significant within the domains of maternal and fetal care.

It partnered with Mayo Clinic earlier to drive advancements in medical imaging and theranostics. It aims to enhance patient experience by applying new technologies and approaches to medical imaging and theranostics in real-world clinical settings.


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