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Eli Lilly & OpenAI Partner to Leverage Gen AI for Combating AMR

Written by : Nikita Saha

June 26, 2024

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The collaboration aims to invent novel antimicrobials that can effectively combat drug-resistant pathogens.

Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, has joined hands with OpenAI to leverage its generative AI to develop antimicrobials that can be used to treat drug-resistant bacteria.

The collaboration aims to invent novel antimicrobials that can effectively combat drug-resistant pathogens.

Per the deal, Eli Lilly will leverage OpenAI’s generative AI capabilities to accelerate the discovery of these novel antimicrobials.

Sharing thoughts, Diogo Rau, executive VP and chief information and digital officer, Eli Lilly, said, "Generative AI opens a new opportunity to accelerate the discovery of novel antimicrobials and the development of custom, purpose-built technologies in the battle against drug-resistant pathogens. This partnership underscores our commitment to addressing significant health challenges experienced by people around the world."

Partnership Goals

This collaboration with OpenAI supports Lilly's earlier commitment to fighting drug-resistant pathogens through its Social Impact Venture Capital Portfolio.

In 2020, the pharma giant committed $100 million to the AMR Action Fund, which aims to provide patients with new antibiotics by 2030 and contribute to the fight against multi-drug-resistant pathogens.

Further, this year in April, the AMR Action Fund announced its latest investments in biotech companies targeting a range of infections.

"We're excited to work with Lilly to find new ways to treat microbial infections. Advanced AI has the potential to deliver innovative breakthroughs in pharma, and we're committed to working together with industry leaders to deliver tangible benefits for patients," said Brad Lightcap, COO, OpenAI.

Growing Threat of AMR

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites change over time and no longer respond to medicines, making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease spread, severe illness, and death.

Reportedly, AMR poses a significant threat to nations globally, irrespective of their economic status, with its repercussions being most severe in low- and middle-income countries due to prevailing poverty and inequality.

Moreover, the misuse and overuse of antimicrobials in humans, animals, and plants are the primary drivers of drug-resistant pathogens, heightening this global health threat.

Several industry experts along with the World Health Organization, have voiced alarm over the insufficient development pipeline of new therapeutics to address antibiotic-resistant bacteria, deeming it inadequate to counteract the burgeoning menace of superbugs.

In the US alone, antimicrobial-resistant infections afflict over 2.8 million individuals annually, resulting in more than 35,000 deaths each year.

In 2019, AMR was associated with nearly 5 million deaths worldwide, directly causing 1.27 million fatalities.

Lilly’s Other Developments

Earlier this year, Eli Lilly unveiled a digital healthcare platform, LillyDirect, specifically designed for patients dealing with obesity, migraine, and diabetes, the company said in a press statement.

LillyDirect offers access to independent healthcare providers, direct home delivery of specified Lilly medicines through third-party pharmacy dispensing services. It also provides access to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions—a digital pharmacy for consistent access to prescribed medications delivered directly to patients at their homes.

In April, Eli Lilly inked a deal to acquire Nexus Pharmaceuticals’ injectable production facility in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. However, the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

The acquisition deal is expected to bolster Lilly's manufacturing capabilities, with production at the Pleasant Prairie facility slated to commence by the end of 2025.

Founded in 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical chemist, and veteran of the American Civil War, Eli Lilly is an American pharma company. The Indiana-based pharma company has offices in 18 countries with its products being sold in around 125 countries.


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