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DocMode Launches AIDE Solutions to Help Doctors Take Better Clinical Decisions

Written by : Nikita Saha

June 14, 2024

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The Al tool will leverage medical databases encompassing clinical guidelines, research papers, and case studies to analyze patient data.

Leading online medical learning platform DocMode has launched Assistant for Improved Decision-making with Evidence (AIDE), a solution for doctors and healthcare professionals to ensure better clinical decisions, and improved patient outcomes.

The Al tool will leverage medical databases encompassing clinical guidelines, research papers, and case studies to analyze patient data.

On the development, Hans Lewis, DocMode founder, and CEO, said, "After over 24 months of rigorous clinical testing and feedback with 600 plus doctors, we have introduce AIDE which stands for Assistant for Improved Decision-making with Evidence in Healthcare. This AI-driven tool plays a key role in decision-making."

About AIDE

AIDE, the AI-powered clinical decision support system (CDSS) platform helps in better decisions and outcomes and could be applied in different areas of medical science.

According to the founder, the tool will continue to evolve with multimodal achievements ensuring better patient care and outcome worldwide, which will become a go-to digital medical library.

The AI will be providing evidence-based differential diagnosis options, evidence-based research support, and information about the standard of care guidelines.

Additionally, CDSS supports physicians in understanding drug interactions and adverse event reports. Also, prioritize critical alerts, and minimize the use of disruptive alerts from non-critical indications.

According to the organization, it is a cost-effective solution for the health system especially for low-income and middle-income countries. This would support doctors who are in a low-resource setting.

"AIDE, which leverages medical databases encompassing clinical guidelines, research papers, and case studies to analyze patient data has emerged as a forerunner in India's CDSS category due to its transformative potential. The tool generates accurate diagnostic suggestions and information. As a flagship in large language modeling, healthcare experts say AIDE is trained on 16 million PubMed datasets, and real-world data to deliver personalized medical response," Lewis added.

Sharing thoughts, Paulson Paul, founder MD, and head of the AIDE project, said that DocMode is constantly working with various doctors, and will have releases for every specialty.

Moreover, AIDE can read lab reports and summarize important points, saving specialists valuable time.

"Moving forward, our team will ensure that AIDE evolves to provide increasingly sophisticated support. This will enable them to spend more face-to-face time with patients, which in turn will increase their efficiency. Cutting-edge tools like AIDE drives our growth even while empowering doctors worldwide," stated Paul.

DocMode is a global platform for outcome-based learning in healthcare. It aims to create a value-based online learning experience for health professionals globally.

It provides authoritative, comprehensive, and interactive learning programs for health professionals - doctors, nurses, allied and medical students - across the world.


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