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Clarivate Launches VeriSIM Life Translational Index to Enhance Drug Discovery Intelligence

Written by : Jayati Dubey

December 6, 2023

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The VeriSIM Life Translational Index integrates with Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence by Clarivate, a leading pharma and drug research and development intelligence source.

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted intelligence solutions, has launched the VeriSIM Life Translational Index on Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence. 

This integrated workflow aims to offer diverse predictive insights into compound safety and efficacy, including bioavailability, hepatic and renal clearance, clinical toxicity, first-in-human dose, and more.

The introduction of this innovative solution represents the next phase of the expanding collaboration between Clarivate and VeriSIM Life, a leading AI-enabled platform focused on de-risking breakthrough drug development. 

The partnership, initiated earlier this year, strives to leverage advanced technologies to enhance drug development processes.

Sharing thoughts on the same, Robert Poolman, senior vice president of life sciences & healthcare products, Clarivate, said, "As emerging technology continues to evolve to address the growing needs of biotechs, pharmas and patients alike, drug developers can leverage AI to reduce research and development time and increase clinically active compound candidates, all while meeting government regulations and standards. In partnership with VeriSIM Life, the Translational Index for Clarivate leverages AI to address these unmet needs, improving preclinical success rates and ultimately equipping our customers with the insight and foresight needed to create innovative treatments, deliver them to patients faster and create a healthier tomorrow."

The FDA has recognised the challenges of translating drug candidates to successful clinical trial outcomes as "unsustainable" for the pharmaceutical industry. 

In this context, accurate data and predictive analytics are essential for informed decision-making, and pharmaceutical organisations must optimise their tools to translate data efficiently into insights that accelerate drug development.

The VeriSIM Life Translational Index integrates with Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence by Clarivate, a leading pharma and drug research and development intelligence source. 

This integration enables customers to access enhanced R&D insights, facilitating a better evaluation of the therapeutic potential of key compounds. These insights are crucial in guiding critical aspects of drug development, including administration routes, dosing, toxicity, human variability, and other key requirements.

By integrating the VeriSIM Life Translational Index with Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence, researchers gain comprehensive insights to accelerate the preclinical translation phase of drug development. 

This includes AI-enabled insights on toxicology, species-specific drug exposure, and clinical translatability, even without published data. The goal is to empower researchers to make informed decisions supported by statistical power.


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