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Canada's Predictmedix AI Executives to Visit India for Expansion Plans

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 21, 2023

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The key objective of this visit is to establish connections with institutional investors and government authorities in India. This is to further ensure the smooth integration and widespread implementation of Predictmedix's contactless AI solutions.

Amidst heightened tensions between India and Canada, executives from Predictmedix AI, a Canadian healthcare AI company, are set to depart for India this weekend with visas granted for a crucial visit.

The primary aim of this visit is to engage with institutional investors and government officials in India, focusing on the seamless integration and scalable deployment of Predictmedix's innovative contactless AI solutions. These solutions include:

The Safe Entry Station

This non-invasive, contactless walk-through solution is designed to detect symptoms of infectious diseases before they can spread. Its multispectral recognition technologies and AI models can also screen non-invasively for drug and alcohol impairment.


This is a wearable-based vital sign monitoring system that utilises AI models to recommend treatment and connect with a clinician's patient management platform.

Dr Rahul Kushwah, COO of Predictmedix AI, commenting on the importance of this visit, said, "Our visit to India holds immense importance for us, as we look forward to collaborating with institutional partners and government officials to bring our transformative AI solutions to a wider audience."

He further noted, "By ensuring seamless integration and scalable deployment, we aim to make a significant positive impact on healthcare and various other sectors in India. We believe that this collaboration will pave the way for a future where AI-driven technologies enhance efficiency, safety, and the overall well-being of the nation."

This strategic visit to India by Predictmedix AI Inc. comes at a time when the global healthcare community is increasingly recognising the potential of AI-driven solutions in revolutionising healthcare delivery and disease detection.

In another development, owing to the response towards the growing diabetes challenges in India, Predictmedix AI unveiled an advanced non-invasive diabetes screening method last month. This represents a significant milestone in their AI product portfolio, as it has the capacity to identify early indicators of diabetes by analysing subtle biological markers that often escape detection through traditional diagnostic methods. 

Predictmedix AI Inc. is a global leader in rapid health screening and remote patient care solutions. Their proprietary Safe Entry Stations, utilising advanced AI and multispectral cameras, analyse physiological data patterns to predict health issues including infectious diseases (e.g., COVID-19), substance impairment, fatigue, and various mental illnesses.

Additionally, Predictmedix AI offers a unique remote patient care platform equipped with AI-powered tools to support medical professionals in improving patient health outcomes.


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