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Apollo Hospital, Tiruchi Employs AI-Enhanced OCT Imaging for Advanced Cardiac Care

Written by : Jayati Dubey

August 14, 2023

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By amalgamating artificial intelligence technology with OCT, the hospital claims to have effectively delivered enhanced precision and customised treatment approaches for cardiovascular concerns.

Apollo Hospitals in Tiruchi has introduced an AI-augmented Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging system to enhance cardiac care. Through this technology integration, the hospital has been able to provide more precise and tailored treatment strategies for heart-related issues.

The OCT imaging system gives a comprehensive analysis of intricate details pertaining to coronary blocks. This is achieved through its ability to automatically quantify and analyse data, facilitating a deeper understanding of the patient's condition. The impact has markedly improved the quality of cardiac care rendered by the medical professionals at Apollo Hospitals, Tiruchi.

During a recent press conference, the cardiology team at Apollo Hospital highlighted the manifold benefits that the OCT imaging system has brought to the diagnosis and management of heart-related ailments.

Dr. R. Ravindran, an esteemed interventional cardiologist, presented the capabilities of OCT technology. He noted that the system, equipped with a light-based mechanism, is adept at inserting a camera-like lens into the heart's blood vessels. This lens captures tomographic images at microscopic resolutions, thereby providing invaluable insights into the patient's condition. Such minimally invasive procedures are conducted in tandem with coronary intervention and play a crucial role in guiding medical decisions.

Incorporating intra-vascular imaging, especially the prowess of OCT, during angioplasty procedures has translated into enhanced short- and long-term outcomes. The amalgamation of artificial intelligence with OCT technology marks a pivotal leap forward in the realm of cardiac care. This ensures heightened diagnostic accuracy and empowers medical practitioners with precise insights into the condition of their patients.

Additionally, Dr. A. Kader Sahib, senior consultant, and chief cardiologist at the hospital, highlighted the diverse spectrum of procedures that have been successfully undertaken with the aid of OCT. These encompass high-risk coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG), valve replacements, paediatric surgeries, and minimally invasive cardiac procedures. Particularly noteworthy are the minimally invasive surgeries that avoid the traditional method of cutting the chest bone. This advancement not only accelerates recovery but also leaves no visible scars, a significant boon for patients.

Apollo Hospital Tiruchi has embraced an array of cutting-edge technologies beyond OCT imaging lately. These include advanced robotic surgical systems, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as PET-CT scanners, and telemedicine platforms connecting specialists and patients remotely. These technologies exemplify innovative medical practices, enhancing patient care across diverse domains.


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