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83 Years-Old Octogenarian Patient Receives Life-Saving AI-Enabled Gallbladder Surgery

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 20, 2023

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The challenging gall bladder surgery, held at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, was successful with AI technology. Despite unforeseen complications during the procedure, the surgery significantly improved the patient's quality of life.

In a recent medical achievement, an 83-year-old man in New Delhi has been granted a new lease of life following a complex gall bladder surgery conducted with AI technology, said Apollo Hospital.

The patient's advanced age initially led surgeons in Kolkata to contemplate surgical intervention while cautioning about the associated risks. However, during the procedure, an unexpected and potentially life-threatening obstacle emerged.

A prominent private hospital in Delhi disclosed that the patient's liver was afflicted with balloon-like cysts, making it exceedingly challenging to locate the gallbladder safely. Fears of severe bleeding and other potential complications prompted a decision to suspend the surgery.

Subsequently, the octogenarian sought a second opinion from doctors in New Delhi. Recognising the profound impact of his disease on his quality of life, Dr Arun Prasad, a senior GI, Bariatric, and Robotic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, along with his team, assumed responsibility for the case.

Dr. Prasad's team executed an indocyanine green AI fluorescence-assisted gall bladder surgery on this elderly patient. This innovative approach alleviated his severe abdominal pain stemming from gallstone disease and a sizable hernia that had been a source of discomfort for an extended period.

The successful completion of this complex surgery using AI-based technology underscores the practical applications of modern medicine in harnessing technological advancements, particularly artificial intelligence. It demonstrates that these advancements are not purely theoretical but can have a tangible impact on enhancing patient outcomes, even in challenging cases like the one described.

Apollo Hospitals has been utilising AI in several domains. Recently, Apollo Hospitals in Tiruchi introduced an AI-augmented Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging system to enhance cardiac care. The OCT imaging system gives a comprehensive analysis of intricate details pertaining to coronary blocks. This is achieved through its ability to automatically quantify and analyse data, facilitating a deeper understanding of the patient's condition.

In another recent AI-based surgical development, ONP Hospital in Pune and Jehangir Specialty Hospital collaborated to introduce cutting-edge advancements in AI-based robotic joint replacement surgery. This innovation, known as the 'Robp3wiz Roboalign Hololens 2,' incorporates smart glasses equipped with integrated AI and virtual or assisted reality technology (VR/AR).

Surgeons may now overlay important information right onto their field of vision in real time via the integration of smart glasses and AR. This comprises virtual incision guidance, 3D models of the patient's knee or hip anatomy, and real-time information concerning implant location.


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