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4-Fold Hike in Budgetary Allowance for ICMR in 10 Years: Mansukh Mandaviya

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 4, 2024

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Mandaviya commended the ICMR for its pivotal advancements and initiatives driving medical research and development in India.

In a recent Governing Council Meeting of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya highlighted the substantial increase in the ICMR's budget over the last decade, underscoring the government's commitment to health research.

The meeting focused on discussing recent contributions, exploring ongoing initiatives, and outlining a strategic roadmap for the future of medical research in India.

The meeting seeks to strengthen India's healthcare ecosystem, foster innovation, and enhance scientific collaboration across institutions.

Four-Fold Increase in ICMR Budget

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya acknowledged the remarkable growth in the budgetary allocation for the ICMR, emphasizing a four-fold increase over the past ten years. This surge in funding showcases the government's unwavering commitment to advancing health research and development in the country.

Mandaviya commended the ICMR for its pivotal advancements and initiatives driving medical R&D in India. The health minister expressed confidence that the combined efforts of the government and the ICMR would position India as a global leader in medical research.

Mandaviya further urged the ICMR to continually adapt to changing times, emphasizing the importance of meeting global expectations in medical innovation.

MedTech Mitra Initiative & Support for Indigenous Medical Devices

The MedTech Mitra initiative, led by ICMR in partnership with NITI Aayog and CDSCO, aims to provide crucial support to innovators for developing affordable indigenous medical devices.

Additionally, ICMR filled over 1,200 vacancies in the Scientific, Technical, and administrative cadres within the last year, aligning with PM Narendra Modi's mission recruitment and Rozgar Mela initiatives.

The MedTech Mitra initiative, designed to support the private sector in developing affordable indigenous medical devices, received praise from Mandaviya.

He also stressed the significance of leveraging traditional knowledge through collaborative efforts, including partnerships between the government, private sector, and institutions.

Upcoming Initiatives: 'First in the World Challenge'

Dr Rajiv Bahl, director general, ICMR, highlighted the upcoming 'First in the World Challenge,' an innovative initiative to fund high-risk and high-reward research by Indian scientists. This challenge aims to develop biomedical products based on knowledge, fostering confidence among Indian biomedical researchers.

Dr Bahl said, "The challenge will fund Indian Scientists with excellent ideas to conduct high-risk and high-reward research. Ideas would be funded through an innovative selection mechanism, and this will help build the confidence of Indian biomedical researchers."

The meeting further highlighted the government's commitment to medical research and development, showcasing a four-fold increase in investment over the past decade. The National Health Research Programme, initiated to conduct solution-oriented mission mode research in 12 priority areas, has expanded its coverage to over 100 districts nationwide.

Interdepartmental Collaboration & Joint Initiatives

The ICMR initiated collaboration with prominent institutions such as NITI Aayog, CDSCO, CSIR, IITs, DBT, NIPERs, ICAR, DWCD, and others. This collaboration has led to joint initiatives, including the National One Health Mission, AYUSH-ICMR trials, AcSIR-ICMR Faculty of Medical Research, Paalna Scheme, and ICMR-National Cancer Grid Clinical trials for various cancers.

In nurturing the innovation ecosystem, the ICMR established centers of excellence at seven IITs for product development and five ICMR centers for Advanced Research (CAR) dedicated to benchtop testing, pre-clinical and clinical evaluation, and validation.

This initiative aims to strengthen the Make in India MedTech sector and promote AI-based health solutions.

The Governing Council Meeting showcased the government's commitment to advancing medical research and development in India through increased funding and collaborative initiatives.

With a strategic roadmap and upcoming challenges like the 'First in the World Challenge,' the ICMR is poised to drive advancements and contribute significantly to global medical innovation.


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