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Triomics Bags $15 Mn Funding to Solve Cancer Care Workflow Issues Using GenAI

Written by : Arti Ghargi

May 10, 2024

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Since the foundation, Triomics said it has partnered with six cancer centers and hospitals which are actively using or piloting its LLM.

Triomics, a Bengaluru and San Francisco-based healthcare startup, has raised $15 million to streamline workflows for cancer centers using generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

The Series A funding round was led by prominent Silicon Valley investors including Lightspeed, Nexus Venture Partners, General Catalyst, and Y Combinator.

Launched in 2020 by Samir Khan and Hrituraj Singh, Triomics aims to transform oncology research and patient care. The capital infusion will help it continue to develop its platform and roll it out to new customers.

In response to the announcement, Hrituraj Singh, cofounder and CTO of Triomics said, “We have successfully merged expertise in two complex functional areas: our AI researchers, who are specialized in customizing language models to specific domains, and our clinical staff, who have decades of oncology-specific experience,” Singh said.

He further noted that the startup intentionally directed its resources toward the primary areas of concentration.

“As a result, our software can complement the strengths of these advanced models while also proactively addressing potential flaws, all with the intricacies of cancer research and care in mind,” he added.

Automating Critical Tasks in Oncology

Cofounded by MIT biotech researcher Sarim Khan (CEO) and AI Scientist at Adobe Hrituraj Singh (CTO), Triomics seeks to address a critical challenge in healthcare, particularly in oncology.

The vast amount of unstructured data is usually locked away in free-text patient records.

Traditionally, accessing this data relies on manual chart review, an arduous process that hinders crucial tasks such as clinical research and patient care.

Triomics claims it solves this problem through its AI model named “OncoLLM”, which combines an oncology-focused LLM with custom software tailored for specific use cases.

This combination enables automated data processing at scale, significantly reducing processing times. The software suite includes Harmony, which facilitates EHR data curation for research and registry needs, and Prism, which streamlines patient-trial matching.

Collaboration for Future-Proof Solutions

Since the foundation, Triomics said it has partnered with six cancer centers and hospitals that are actively using or piloting its LLM. It also plans to double that number by the end of the year.

The startup said its primary target users include hospital staff directly involved in oncology research and care, such as clinical research nurses, coordinators, and registrars.

Per Triomics, the benefits of its technology extend to various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Clinical research coordinators can expedite patient-trial matching, leading to faster enrollment in potentially life-saving trials.

Whereas, patients benefit from quicker access to these trials, while pharmaceutical companies can complete study enrollment more efficiently, accelerating the development and market launch of new drugs.

However, Triomics CEO, Samir Khan underscored that the scope of its technology extends beyond clinical trials and facilitates faster patient-trial matching.

"Doctors use it for several different use cases that I could just go on and on about," he said.

Driving Innovation Amidst Competition

Although Triomics’ technology is novel, it is not alone in tackling the intersection of AI and clinical trials.

For Example, Deep 6 is a Pasadena-based startup that utilizes AI to improve the process of patient recruitment for clinical trials. As of May 3, 2024, Deep 6 AI has raised $21.6 million in funding from 11 investors.

Similarly, PiHealth, which raised $30 million in Series A funding in March 2024, develops AI technology for oncology clinical trials. Their platform connects drug makers with trials globally.

Massachusetts-based Manifold, which secured $15 million Series A funding in April 2024 is another such startup that provides an AI-based platform that helps reduce the administrative burden for cancer centers and streamlines manual processes, enabling research teams to speed up time to insights from months to minutes.


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