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TechInvention Lifecare Inaugurates Global Collaborative Centre for Medical Countermeasures in Navi Mumbai

Written by : Jayati Dubey

February 29, 2024

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The center covers vaccine development, from strain to supply, and includes biotherapeutics and diagnostics for both human and veterinary segments.

In a recent development towards enhancing global health security and pandemic preparedness, TechInvention Lifecare, a Mumbai-based biotech startup, inaugurated its Global Collaborative Centre for Medical Countermeasures (GCMC).

The center, located in close proximity to the upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai, represents an investment of approximately $15 million.

Founded in 2016, the startup states that GCMC gained global recognition for its significance at the 2nd World Local Production Forum, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), held in The Hague from November 6 to 8, 2023.

The center's objective aligns with WHO's call to action, CEPI's 100-day mission, India's National Biotechnology Development Strategy (2020-2025), and other key global initiatives.

Comprehensive Ecosystem for Medical Countermeasures

The GCMC facility aims to cater to the needs of both public and private organizations, including academic institutes, startups, MSMEs, and R&D organizations.

It claims to provide a comprehensive ecosystem, facilitating the transition from research and development (R&D) to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-scale production for pre-clinical and clinical batches with required regulatory approvals.

Additionally, as per the startup, the GCMC will be a unique, eco-friendly center dedicated to crucial medical countermeasures. It covers the entire cycle of vaccine development, from strain to supply, and includes biotherapeutics and diagnostics for both human and veterinary segments. The center also emphasizes sustainable manufacturing practices.

Talking to DHN about this recent development, Syed S. Ahmed, director and CEO of TechInvention Lifecare, said, "The current challenges posed in biologics equity arise from the disparity in translational research dissemination from the centers of excellence to the regional manufacturing 'hub and spoke' model setups. We believe that GCMC would be the needed intervention, strengthening the hubs by providing 'scaled-up,' regulatory-approved, cost-effective, and free of IP infringement Biosolutions sourced from both indigenous research and centers of excellence worldwide."

GCMC's establishment reflects a commitment to supporting global health initiatives and fostering collaboration in the development and production of medical countermeasures.

The center's focus on collaboration, sustainability, and comprehensive support for medical countermeasures positions it as a key player in addressing current and future health challenges.

Rapid Progress in the Biotech Sector

Recently, India has witnessed numerous breakthroughs, advancements, and initiatives within the biotech sector.

Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Mansukh Mandaviya, said biotechnology will become the most significant foundation for health treatment in the coming times. The minister noted that the Indian biotech industry aims to grow to $150 billion by 2025 and $300 billion by 2030. India is currently among the world's top 12 destinations for Biotechnology, with approximately a 3% share in the Global Biotechnology Industry.

Last month, in a significant move towards fostering a robust biotechnology ecosystem, the Odisha State Cabinet approved the Odisha Biotechnology Policy-2024 to create a conducive environment for the biotechnology industry, aligning with the state's vision for sustainable socio-economic development.

In a parallel development, the Karnataka government launched revamped versions of the biotechnology policy aiming to position Karnataka as the next global hub for clinical trials and a leader in genomics. Notably, the policy highlights an advanced genome editing technique called "crack-in-creation," garnering international attention for its biological breakthrough.


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