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Revolutionizing Healthcare Data Analytics with Navify Digital Solutions

Written by : Arun Ramalingam

July 24, 2023

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Roche's new interoperability and digital solution aims to support clinicians by giving them more information and power, how do they aim to achieve this

Roche Information Solutions is spearheading the adoption of Navify digital solutions, leveraging algorithms and data science to deliver actionable insights. Moritz Hartmann, Head of Roche Information Solutions, emphasized the potential of this technology in improving patient care and supporting clinicians in their decision-making process.

Enhancing Interoperability of Digital Infrastructures

the key benefits of Navify lie in its ability to significantly improve the interoperability of digital infrastructure within the healthcare system. Currently, the limited seamless connection and sharing of data cost the US healthcare system an estimated $30 billion annually. By streamlining data exchange between labs, hospitals, and medtech companies, Navify fosters a cohesive and efficient ecosystem, accelerating the delivery of cutting-edge innovations to benefit patients and society at large.


Empowering Healthcare Workflows through Advanced Analytics

As the healthcare industry faces an impending staff shortage, providers grapple with increasing workloads and resource constraints. Navify steps as a crucial tool in delivering operational excellence and enhancing workflows. Its advanced analytics capabilities enable healthcare professionals to identify additional efficiencies, thereby alleviating burdens and optimizing patient-centric ways of working.

Going the extra mile

Navify goes beyond traditional data analytics by generating advanced medical insights that augment clinical decision support. Studies have shown that two in three physicians are uncertain about whether they are overusing or underusing diagnostics compared to their peers. With Navify, healthcare professionals gain access to comprehensive data-driven insights, enabling more informed and personalized patient care decisions.


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