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EPIC Introduces 'Partner & Pals Program' to Foster Seamless Collaboration

Written by : Arun Ramalingam

August 22, 2023

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Epic initiated a comprehensive overhaul of its user engagement with third-party applications in the previous year. The company's strategic shift saw fruition in early December when it announced a strategic shutdown and subsequent rejuvenation of its App Market, setting its sights on an anticipated relaunch in the year 2023. The introduction of the "Connection Hub," a dedicated platform enabling developers connected to Epic to autonomously validate their attainment of data exchange milestones.

Expansion of Developer Integration: Forging Stronger Bonds

Epic's commitment to fostering third-party partnerships is underscored by its new program "Partners and Pals," designed to facilitate seamless collaborations between external developers and Epic and subsequently healthcare staff. This commitment is further reflected in the innovative "Connection Hub," poised to serve as a dynamic repository, showcasing products that have independently attested to their live integration with the Epic ecosystem.

Innovative collaboration

One of the pioneering "Pals" in this novel endeavor is Abridge, an emergent startup pioneering AI-driven documentation solutions. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Abridge offers a unique tool capable of recording patient interactions and subsequently generating comprehensive notes. The strategic partnership with Epic has enabled Abridge to seamlessly integrate its technology into Epic's clinical workflows, a synergy anticipated to significantly enhance provider efficiency

AI-enabled clinical documentation

The partnership landscape broadens as Epic embarks on ventures with other AI-enabled clinical documentation entities. In collaboration with Microsoft's Nuance, Epic is set to unveil DAX Express, an innovative tool adept at transcribing and auto-populating medical records with doctor-patient dialogues. This product, slated for a private preview in the upcoming months, marks another milestone in the ever-evolving partnership landscape between the two industry giants.

TalkDesk - The New "Pal"

Talkdesk emerged as the newest "pal" in the "Partnership and Pals" program, joining forces with Epic on August 21st. Renowned for its AI-powered cloud contact center, Talkdesk brings its expertise to the table through its "Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud." This cloud platform is set to seamlessly integrate into Epic's existing and upcoming features within the Cheers CRM suite.


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