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Roche Pharma India Opens Customer Experience Centre in Chennai to Make Physicians Visualise Disease Pathways

Written by : Jayati Dubey

August 25, 2023

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The Roche Customer Experience Centre primarily aims to empower physicians and stakeholders by facilitating the visualisation of disease pathways and enhancing their comprehension of the mechanisms of drug actions within the human body.

Roche Pharma India has initiated collaboration with healthcare professionals, researchers, and educational institutions by launching an industry-first customer experience centre. The primary focus of the Roche Experience Centre is to enable doctors and stakeholders to visualise disease pathways and understand drug actions within the human body.

This initiative aims to shape the trajectory of healthcare through immersive interactions and insights.

At the core of this pioneering centre is the provision of immersive and interactive healthcare content. The centre is designed to provide in-depth information about Roche's trailblazing portfolio of life-changing products and technologies that have been reshaping the healthcare landscape.

The utilisation of cutting-edge digital technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), empowers professionals to co-create innovative solutions that enhance patient outcomes.

"The Roche Experience Center signifies the company's mission to equip communities with scientific knowledge, enabling informed healthcare decisions. This marks the first among several customer experience centers planned across the country, facilitating an entirely novel way for customers to engage with biopharmaceutical innovations," the statement from Roche Pharma India explained.

The selection of Chennai as the location for the inaugural Roche Customer Experience Center is a testament to the region's skilled workforce and its exceptional standing in global healthcare.

T R B Rajaa, Tamil Nadu Industries Minister, said the facility would empower healthcare professionals to grasp advanced treatment options, thereby elevating the quality of healthcare delivery.

V Simpson Emmanuel, MD and CEO of Roche Pharma India noted that Chennai, with its thriving software services economy and abundant top-tier talent, was the perfect host for this debut customer experience centre.

The Roche Experience Centre's mission extends to facilitating better patient care and societal well-being by harnessing the potential of data, insights, and advanced visualisation, explained Simpson.

The centre is set to collaborate with prominent technical schools and universities in Tamil Nadu, including SASTRA Deemed University, Vellore Institute of Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology, and Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Science.

Together, they will develop programs to cultivate niche skills in immersive technologies and advanced data analytics among students. A select group of students will have the opportunity for extended internships with Roche, focusing on areas such as immersive media, real-time engines, high-end data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

This endeavour marks Roche's fourth investment in India's digital technology sphere, following Roche Information Solutions (RIS) in Pune, Global Analytics and Technology (GATE) Centres in Chennai and Hyderabad, and the Offshore Development Centre (ODC) in Chennai in collaboration with ZS Associates.


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