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Rajasthan Govt to Launch Statewide Digital Health Survey for School Students

Written by : Jayati Dubey

June 18, 2024

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The digital health survey concept was first tested in the Bhilwara district in 2022 without any additional budget and in a paperless format.

The Rajasthan education department will commence a comprehensive digital health survey of all students enrolled in government schools across the state this August.

The survey aims to identify and address various health issues faced by students, promoting early intervention and improved health outcomes. This initiative follows the successful pilot conducted in Bhilwara district in 2022.

Survey to Commence After Enrolment Completion

According to education department officials, teachers will initiate the survey once the student enrolment process is finalized. This systematic approach ensures that every student is included and assessed for potential health issues.

The survey will categorize health problems into three groups: those that can be managed at the school level with supplementary aid, those requiring attention at primary or community health centers, and more severe cases necessitating surgical intervention.

The digital health survey concept was first tested in Bhilwara district in 2022. It was executed without any additional budget and successfully conducted in a paperless format.

The pilot identified over 400 cases requiring surgical operations, which were subsequently performed under the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK). Encouraged by the pilot's success, the education department is now prepared to implement the survey statewide.

Mobile App to Facilitate the Survey

To streamline the process, the survey will be conducted through a mobile app designed to simplify the task for teachers and make it easier for students to respond.

The app will present students with 52 questions, each accompanied by illustrative pictures to aid in understanding and answering. Common health issues among students in rural areas, such as cleft palate, twisted feet, and malnutrition-related problems, are expected to be highlighted.

"In rural and remote areas, many children suffer from health issues that can be easily treated. However, without proper resources, they grow up with these conditions that keep affecting their confidence and social standing," said Ashish Modi, the director of secondary education.

The program aims to address health concerns across four categories: birth defects, deficiencies, diseases, and developmental delays, including disabilities, focusing on early identification and intervention for children from birth to 18 years.

Access to Medical Experts & Facilities

For cases requiring surgical intervention, the department plans to deploy medical experts at district-level hospitals. Based on doctors' advice, students will be referred to higher medical centers.

"RBSK agents are deployed in every block to identify children with severe ailments so that they can be provided treatment on a priority basis. Private hospitals are also empanelled with the government under this initiative to conduct operations free of cost," an official noted.

In preparation for the survey, all district education officers were briefed in a recent meeting. Zonal-level teams will be dispatched to various districts to train teachers on how to use the mobile app effectively.

This training will ensure that the survey is conducted efficiently and accurately, providing vital data to improve student health across the state.

This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the health and well-being of school children, particularly in rural and underserved areas, and fostering a healthier and more confident young generation.


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