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Pfizer Collaborates with NIPER Ahmedabad to Support Health Startups

Written by : Jayati Dubey

February 28, 2024

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In addition to incubation support, startups will receive funding of up to INR 25 Lakh each.

Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, has announced a collaboration with the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), Ahmedabad, through its INDovation program.

This partnership aims to incubate and support healthcare startups in India by providing funding of up to INR 25 Lakh to each selected startup, along with incubation facilities at NIPER Ahmedabad.

Supported by the Department of Pharmaceuticals, the collaboration underscores a commitment to indigenous healthcare solutions that align with the nation's healthcare priorities and contribute to positive social impact. Startups with innovative ideas in the healthcare sector are encouraged to apply for the program through the official website.

Commenting on this, Arunish Chawla, secretary of the Department of Pharmaceuticals, said, "Encouraging indigenous innovation in healthcare is not merely a priority, but a responsibility shared by all who are a part of this ecosystem. Our support to this collaboration between Pfizer and NIPER-A highlights the potential of startups bringing innovations that can advance the delivery of healthcare in the country."

Support Galore for Health Startups

Selected startups will receive comprehensive incubation support, including assistance in product development, regulatory pathways, pre-clinical testing, tech transfer support through the NIPER system, and real-world clinical fitment checks.

In addition to incubation support, startups will receive funding of up to INR 25 Lakh each.

The collaboration seeks innovations in various areas, including deep tech, artificial intelligence for predictive analysis, point-of-care testing, Software as a Service (SaaS), informatics, wearables, and track-and-trace solutions.

The Pfizer INDovation initiative, which has already supported 34 startups in India, is expanding its reach through this collaboration with NIPER Ahmedabad. The program adopts a cohort-based approach, aiming to select six innovators nationwide for a one-year accelerator program at NIPER Ahmedabad.

NIPER as a Custodian of Growth

NIPER Ahmedabad, currently in the process of establishing a Centre of Excellence in Medical Devices, aims to support startups in the medical device domain further. The partnership with Pfizer provides these startups access to the NIPER Ahmedabad ecosystem, facilitating their journey towards commercialization.

Speaking on the same, Prof Shailendra Saraf, director of NIPER-Ahmedabad, said, "NIPER-A has long been at the forefront of pharmaceutical research and education. Collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical organization like Pfizer will provide a boost for these innovative startups and their ideas."

Meenakshi Nevatia, managing director of Pfizer, expressed gratitude for the support from the Department of Pharmaceuticals. The initiative has garnered support from various stakeholders, including Chintan Vaishnav, mission director of Atal Innovation Mission. He noted that new digital breakthroughs brought to the market by startups will contribute to advancing India's healthcare ecosystem.

By providing funding, incubation support, and access to expertise, the INDovation program aims to catalyze innovation in critical areas of healthcare. The focus on indigenous solutions aligns with the broader goal of addressing healthcare priorities in the country.

This collaborative effort reflects a shared commitment to fostering innovation and driving positive outcomes in the healthcare sector. Startups with innovative ideas now have the opportunity to leverage the resources and support provided by Pfizer and NIPER Ahmedabad to bring their innovations to fruition.

In a similar development, the Karnataka government, in December last year, extended seed funding assistance to startups to support innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors in the biotech, medtech, and healthcare sectors. However, the exact details of the financial aid provided through the state's seed funding program were not disclosed.


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