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Obesity International & P&G Launch ‘Language of Diabetes’ to Empower Diabetes Self Care

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 7, 2024

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This tool is free of cost and addresses the pressing need for increased awareness of diabetes complications in India.

Obesity International, a not-for-profit initiative focusing on metabolic diseases, has joined forces with Procter & Gamble (P&G) Health Limited to introduce "Language of Diabetes."

The newly launched initiative is a digital tool aimed at raising awareness and empowering patients in India to manage diabetes effectively.

The "Language of Diabetes" is a patent-pending, technology-based solution designed to enhance patient awareness and self-care in diabetes.

With diabetes affecting approximately 236 million people in India, this digital tool seeks to assist in early detection, and timely medical care is essential to mitigate the risks associated with the condition.

Provided free of charge, this tool addresses the pressing need for increased awareness of diabetes complications in India.

Digital Tool Features

The tool features a mobile-friendly microsite equipped with an intuitive interpreter tool. It offers self care options and guidance on using glucometers and facilitates connections with healthcare professionals.

The campaign also integrates offline engagement strategies for maximum impact. The overarching goal is to create a community of highly diabetes-aware patients and caregivers who actively manage their condition and, in turn, contribute to spreading awareness within society.

Talking about the significance of the digital tool, Dr Smitha Nambiar, CMO, Obesity International, said, "Our initiative is a vital step towards mitigating the high burden of diabetes complications in India. By educating and empowering patients at scale, we're not just improving individual health outcomes but also addressing a major public health challenge."

Diabetes as a Major Health Concern in India

Diabetes is a significant health concern in India, causing approximately 700,000 deaths in 2020 alone. The complications associated with diabetes are widespread, with a substantial percentage of patients developing retinopathy (eye problems), nephropathy (kidney issues), and neuropathy (nerve damage).

These alarming figures underscore the urgent need for effective diabetes management and increased awareness.

Healthcare professionals report that less than 40% of their patients understand diabetes risk factors. Moreover, diabetes education can significantly impact how individuals manage the condition.

Reportedly, patients who receive diabetes education are more likely to follow through with recommended self-care and clinical treatments, with approximately 25% adhering to guidelines.

In contrast, those without access to diabetes education struggle to manage their condition effectively, with only around 10% achieving optimal diabetes care.

The "Language of Diabetes" tool seeks to bridge this education gap, transforming how patients handle their condition and ultimately improving diabetes care dynamics in India.

Sharing thoughts, Milind Thatte, MD, P&G Health, said, "P&G Health's Neurobion is committed to raising awareness on Diabetes and its associated complications such as Peripheral Neuropathy and Vitamin B Deficiency. Our commitment stems from the recognition that pre-diabetics and diabetic patients lack awareness of early signs and symptoms, resulting in the worsening of symptoms, a delay in seeking treatment and above all, compromised well-being, and Quality of Life (QoL).’’

He further noted that through this partnership, the goal is to empower patients and consumers with an innovative digital tool, thereby helping them to stay committed to spreading awareness and education about the signs and symptoms of diabetes and its associated complications.

As patients and caregivers become more informed and empowered, the digital tool has the potential to create a positive ripple effect in society. Additionally, the focus on education, awareness, and early intervention is expected to contribute to better health outcomes and significantly reduce diabetes-related complications.

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