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NMIMS Indore Students Develop IoT & AI-Backed Medication Dispenser Device 'Sehat Sathi'

Written by : Jayati Dubey

November 21, 2023

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Sehat Sathi, a smart medication dispenser with daily compartments, IR sensors, and mobile app operability, combats medical non-compliance through real-time tracking for timely medication intake.

Three BTech (Computer Engineering) students from NMIMS School of Technology Management and Engineering (STME) in Indore have built a device named 'Sehat Sathi: A Smart and Automated Medication Dispenser.'

This achievement comes through collaboration with key entities, including the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the Government of India, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU), DST-Centre for Policy Research at Punjab University, and the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PCOST).

Motivated by personal experiences and observations, the students identified a growing concern of medical non-compliance among older adults, leading to severe cases of hospitalisation. In response, they conceptualised and developed 'Sehat Sathi,' leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a cost-effective manner.

Sehat Sathi is a smart medical dispenser with compartments for each day of the week, featuring an IR sensor and operability through a mobile application. The device addresses the issue of medical non-compliance through real-time tracking technology, ensuring timely medication intake.

If a patient misses their medication, the device communicates via the mobile app, triggering notifications to remind users. Additionally, Sehat Sathi provides remote monitoring for caregivers, proving to be a valuable tool in enhancing medication adherence and patient outcomes.

The development of Sehat Sathi faced challenges in seamlessly integrating hardware and software elements of the technology, requiring expertise in hardware development. Despite academic commitments, the team overcame these challenges with guidance from the NMIMS STME Indore faculties.

Further, the team showcased a functional prototype of Sehat Sathi to international delegates and potential investors at the 'International Conference on Industry-Focused Research.’

The team envisions making the technology more efficient and user-friendly through further development and refinement while also seeking collaboration opportunities with leading organisations and investors to broaden the reach of Sehat Sathi.

Dr Munendra Jain, associate professor, NMIMS, STME, Indore, said, "NMIMS STME Indore congratulates the team of brilliant students for the development of Sehat Sathi, which has the potential to transform the medical sector and welcomes the signing of the special agreement. The success of the Sehat Sathi project is a testament to the thriving spirit of innovation and collaboration, present at the NMIMS STME Indore campus, and the potential for technology to drive positive change in various industries, particularly healthcare."

STME, Indore, a constituent school of SVKM's NMIMS, holds the status of a Tier-1 University under the Autonomous Universities category, according to the University Grants Commission (UGC) in India.

In recent times, student researchers in India have been actively creating a range of technologically advanced medical devices.

Another instance for this is IIT-Guwahati designing a 3D-printed apparatus for swift UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) diagnosis. This ingenious device comes at a manufacturing cost of approximately INR 608, with each sample test costing a mere INR 8.

In contrast, the traditional method, which relies on urine culture, usually demands about two days, causing treatment delays and potential complications for patients. The dedicated research team behind this innovation aims to notably cut down detection time, thereby elevating the quality of patient care.


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