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Medulance Launches 5G-Enabled Smart Medical Room for Corporate Health & Wellness

Written by : Jayati Dubey

February 12, 2024

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5G connectivity in the Smart Medical Room promises rapid data transfer to reduce response times substantially.

In a move to prioritize employee health and wellness, Gurugram-based emergency medical service provider, Medulance, has introduced a 5G-enabled 'Smart Medical Room' in Gurgaon.

This medical facility, designed for corporate health and wellness, incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, telemedicine capabilities, and real-time monitoring systems.

Leveraging 5G connectivity, the Smart Medical Room aims to enhance corporate wellness by facilitating rapid communication, data transfer and reducing response times to within four minutes.

Smart Medical Room: Key Features

According to the startup, the Smart Medical Room involves the integration of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and telemedicine capabilities. This advancement allows corporations to prioritize the health and well-being of their employees through real-time monitoring, fostering enhanced corporate wellness strategies.

Furthermore, incorporating 5G connectivity in the Smart Medical Room and Advanced Life Support Ambulances promises rapid data transfer to reduce response times substantially.

The 5G technology for real-time transmission of vital signs to emergency room dashboards enables doctors to provide immediate assistance remotely. Patient data is relayed in waveform by smart devices, allowing ER doctors to assess vitals and guide paramedics via two-way

audio-video communication for efficient first-response care.

Talking about emergency care, Pranav Bajaj, cofounder, Medulance, said, "Medical attention starts as soon as possible, in the first few moments of an emergency condition, and the patient is given every possible assistance from their office, to the ambulance, to the time they reach the hospital, which is all efficiently reduced to less than 5 minutes.’’

He further noted that once the patient reaches the hospital, the details of the vitals history recorded inside the medical room and the ambulance are shared with the doctor at the ER. According to him, this helps shorten the time taken in triaging and the start of treatment, hence increasing the prognosis.

Significance of Timely Intervention

In medical emergencies, timely intervention within the first few minutes is crucial for patient survival. The ‘Platinum 10 Minutes’ signify this critical window where swift action can determine life or death.

Unlike the 'Golden Hour' focusing on the first hour post-incident, the Platinum 10 Minutes demand even quicker responses.

Regarding timely intervention, Bajaj said, "The Platinum 10 minutes represent a critical window of time that can profoundly impact the outcome of emergency situations because medical interventions have the greatest potential to be effective during this period. By promptly administering life-saving measures such as CPR, defibrillation, and medication, we can stabilize patients and improve their chances of recovery before their condition deteriorates further."

Research indicates that companies with onsite medical rooms witness substantial benefits, including a 59% increase in employee attraction and retention, a 63% decrease in missed workdays, a 63% drop in emergency room visits, and a 64% reduction in healthcare costs.

The startup adds that implementing Smart Medical Rooms contributes to early diagnosis and screening, improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare expenses. By facilitating prompt workplace emergency responses, these initiatives effectively support employees' healthcare needs.

In the context of remote and hybrid work models, the demand for flexible healthcare solutions within corporate environments has intensified. Onsite medical rooms emerge as pivotal resources, offering immediate health support, bolstering mental well-being, and navigating pandemic-related challenges.

The implementation of such facilities delivers a range of advantages, including enhanced preventive care, increased attendance and productivity, fostering trust, ensuring financial stability, and promoting overall employee well-being.

In another development encompassing the facility of 5G connectivity in healthcare services, last month, Apollo Hospital at Bannerghatta Road in Bengaluru installed a 5G-connected ambulance from HealthNet Global.

The ambulance is equipped with onboard cameras and body cams for paramedics. This ensures real-time collaboration and remote guidance from hospital specialists, facilitating critical decision-making during crucial medical procedures.

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