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Medprime Technologies Unveils AI-Integrated Digital Microscopy Platform 'Micalys'

Written by : Jayati Dubey

July 5, 2024

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Micalys boasts several features, including Whole Slide Imaging, which enables comprehensive slide capture and detailed specimen viewing.

Medprime Technologies, a Thane-based medical device company, has launched Micalys, an AI-integrated digital microscopy platform that aims to advance the digital pathology sector in the country.

Founded in 2014 by four biomedical engineering graduates from IIT Bombay, the company is supported by an array of institutions, including the USAID-supported SAMRIDH fund managed by IPE Global, BIRAC's BIG and SBIRI grants, and backing from government bodies such as MeitY.

Per the company, Micalys is an addition to Medprime’s portfolio of advanced microscopes. As a multifunctional platform, it offers features to enhance diagnostic laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions across India.

This platform is particularly for pathologists and patients from all socio-economic backgrounds, ensuring more accessible and timely diagnostics.

Key Features of Micalys

Micalys boasts several features, including whole slide imaging, which enables comprehensive slide capture and detailed specimen viewing. This feature is crucial in histopathology for accurate cancer detection.

It eliminates the need for physical sample transport and facilitates the creation of reference sample libraries for future use. The platform also supports quick sharing for streamlined collaboration among experts.

The Live View feature with robotic remote control allows users to control the stage position, focus, and magnification from any location worldwide, ensuring smooth, real-time image transmission.

This feature is particularly useful for telepathology, enabling remote diagnoses even for suboptimal samples.

In addition to its digital capabilities, Micalys functions as a traditional digital microscope, offering manual control for stage movement, image capture, and video recording.

Micalys offers AI-assisted diagnosis, capable of analyzing various histological and cytological samples and blood smears.

Its analytical algorithms help reduce human error and speed up the analysis process, allowing pathologists to focus on complex cases requiring expert attention.

Additional notable features include imaging at magnifications up to True 100x, including 100x oil immersion, which is crucial for detecting parasites, infections, and blood abnormalities.

The company states that Micalys is designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, ensuring an enhanced learning curve for users of all skill levels.

Samrat Singh, founder and CEO of Medprime Technologies, said, "At Medprime, our mission has always been to provide cutting-edge health solutions at affordable prices. With Micalys, we have achieved a breakthrough by integrating AI and digital imaging technologies into a microscope that enhances diagnostic precision, streamlines workflows, and boosts productivity. This innovation addresses the critical challenges of accessibility and timeliness in healthcare, especially in remote areas where the bottom 40% of the population resides. Micalys also addresses affordability for smaller labs, diagnostic centers, and hospitals, ensuring quality healthcare across the country."

Addressing Healthcare Challenges in Remote Areas

The global shortage of pathologists and the increasing demand for preventive testing have burdened existing professionals with heavy workloads.

With most experts concentrated in Tier-I cities, the need to transport samples from rural areas to larger cities has resulted in delayed diagnoses and increased treatment costs.

Micalys claims to eliminate the need for a pathologist’s physical presence in the lab, allowing doctors worldwide to report on cases confidently. This ensures that patients have access to expert care regardless of their location.

Micalys can also screen for diseases such as malaria, filariasis, and tuberculosis in resource-limited areas. Its machine learning-based analysis can assist in diagnosing these conditions in the absence of trained technicians.

Digital images and videos can be captured and stored with patient data on a phone, tablet, or server, providing senior officials quick access to disease prevalence data for timely action. This reduces diagnostic delays and prevents sample degradation during transport.


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