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Kestone & VOSMOS Partner to Launch in India

Written by : Jayati Dubey

June 24, 2024

Category Img provides personalized patient care by delivering detailed discharge instructions, medication information, and other critical care components.

Delhi-based Kestone has partnered with VOSMOS, a metaverse & virtual experiences startup, to launch California-based's product suites in India. Both VOSMOS and Kestone are promoted by CL Educate.

The platform, which integrates AI technology with human expertise, aims to enhance patient care, particularly in chronic disease management and post-discharge follow-up. is designed to provide personalized patient care by delivering detailed discharge instructions, medication information, and other critical care components.

The platform's AI capabilities help reduce the workload on healthcare professionals, decrease hospital readmission rates, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

By addressing patient needs more effectively, hospitals can alleviate stress on their staff and enhance the quality of care provided.

Meenakshi M, director of Communications & Storytelling at VOSMOS, states that research shows that 40% of patients experience anxiety and depression following surgery, and 90% have questions about their procedures and discharge.

She adds that transitioning from hospital to home care can be stressful for both patients and hospitals.

The platform is designed to smooth this transition, offering real-time support through its intuitive Discharge RadarTM interface, simplifying the discharge process and improving patient outcomes.

The Partnership Goals

Kestone and VOSMOS plan to leverage their extensive networks to form strategic partnerships with hospitals, healthcare providers, health tech companies, startups, and medical associations to establish credibility and expand reach.

This collaborative approach aims to ensure that becomes a trusted name in patient relationship management in India.

The go-to-market strategy for involves comprehensive market research to understand the Indian hospital landscape and identify key customer segments.

This includes analyzing needs, competitive offerings, and positioning opportunities to tailor the platform effectively for the Indian market. The platform will be adapted to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of Indian patients and comply with local regulations and data privacy policies.

Reportedly, an integrated marketing campaign will highlight the benefits of's products through various channels, including digital marketing, trade events, content marketing, influencer engagement, and advocacy programs.

Further, a dedicated sales team will be established and trained to promote the platform, supported by a robust customer service infrastructure to cater to local needs.

The partnership will also focus on deploying a thorough onboarding process for new clients, ensuring that hospitals and healthcare providers can seamlessly integrate into their operations. The strategy includes a commitment to continuous improvement.

Additionally, user feedback will be used to refine the platform and ensure it meets the market's evolving needs. The team will analyze data and performance metrics to optimize their plans and adapt to market trends and emerging needs.


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