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ICICI Lombard Launches 'IL TakeCare' App to Simplify Accessibility to Insurance Sector

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 18, 2023

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The IL TakeCare app claims to feature various health management tools, including a health dashboard that allows users to monitor fitness activities, health metrics, and wellness objectives.

The traditional landscape of the insurance industry, primarily rooted in offline channels, has undergone a transformation with the advent of digitisation. Amid this evolving landscape, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited has recently introduced the IL TakeCare app, aiming to harness technology to simplify and enhance insurance accessibility.

The IL TakeCare app claims to offer users a comprehensive suite of health management tools. It provides a health dashboard for tracking fitness activities, health parameters, and wellness goals.

Users can consult with doctors online, schedule health check-ups, and monitor vitals through FaceScan. The app offers exercise routines, health tips, emergency assistance, access to policy details, and insurance-related services.

Sheena Kapoor, head of Marketing, Corporate Communication, and CSR at ICICI Lombard said that the app goes beyond the traditional boundaries of insurance, evolving into a comprehensive wellness and well-being app. Consequently, whether someone holds an ICICI Lombard policy or not, they can access a wealth of healthcare services and resources.

In the domain of general insurance, mobile apps are the favoured online channel for policy-related activities, with 59% of customers showing a preference for them. However, among individuals aged 45 and above, these online channels are less favoured options.

Kapoor explained many customers embark on their insurance journey online, even if they don't make an immediate purchase. This aligns with the classic marketing principle that involves transitioning from awareness to interest, desire, and action. The initial stages typically involve research, where individuals compare policies, prices, and features. Some also watch YouTube testimonials and read product reviews to assess customer experiences.

In addition to IL TakeCare, ICICI Lombard recently launched another digitally driven campaign called "Anywhere Cashless."

With rising medical costs, health insurance has become indispensable for safeguarding financial stability. However, navigating complex claim processes and expenses during times of need can be overwhelming. In response to these challenges, the campaign highlights the brand's solution, "Anywhere Cashless," which simplifies the health insurance experience.

Kapoor noted, a significant portion of the company's user base comprises not only its existing policyholders but also customers at large. The company has expanded it continuum of care and created a platform that stands for well-being and protection rather than being merely transactional for buying, renewing, and claiming settlements.

'œWe are continually innovating and adding features to the app, such as FaceScan for tracking health vitals, 24x7 doctor consultations, consultations with dietitians and mental health experts, pharmacy services, water reminders, step-up challenges, ambulance services, and more. The central idea behind the IL TakeCare App is to be 'out of this world,' she added.

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