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Healthtech Startup Aarogya Tech Bags Seed Funding

Written by : Arti Ghargi

February 7, 2024

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Hersha Hospitality Trust’s Chairman Emeritus, Hasu P Shah led the funding round. He will also be joining the board of directors at Aarogya tech, the startup said.

Aarogya Tech, a healthtech startup based in the US and operating out of Bengaluru has raised $1.8 million in a seed funding round. Hersha Hospitality Trust’s Chairman Emeritus, Hasu P. Shah led the funding round. He will also be joining the board of directors at Aarogya tech, the startup said.

Founded in 2023 by IIT Kanpur alumnus Prashant Trivedi, and Dr Lokendra Thakur, a Mayo Clinic-trained critical care physician, Aarogya Tech aims to revolutionise the healthcare landscape by shifting the centre of care from hospitals to homes via its accessible and intelligent health companion.

The fresh capital infusion will enable Aarogya Tech to fast-track product development and strengthen its analytics and machine learning capabilities, thereby expanding its product and growth teams in Bengaluru to over 20.

Understanding Aarogya’s Core Offerings

The niche startup provides at-home personalised health management through a scalable, clinician-led, data-backed approach. Its solution aims to aid communities in disease prevention and early diagnosis of disease to improve population health, quality of life and longevity.

Emphasising the need for a paradigm shift in healthcare, Dr Lokendra Thakur said, "21st-century healthcare should be centred at home with advanced and cutting-edge technology. Hospitals should be visited only for acute care; the rest of healthcare can meet a person where they are and can be accessible from home or community centres."

According to Dr Thakur with Aarogya Tech doctors will follow the patients, not the other way around.

While reiterating the startup's commitment to redefining healthcare, cofounder Prashant Trivedi stated that Aarogya Tech focuses on individualised health parameter baselines and provides customised whole-person care.

“Our proactive, niche approach personalised care, making health and wellness solutions more accessible, user friendly, and holistic,” he added.

DocSeva: Aarogya Tech’s Offerings

The startup claims, within a year of operations, it has developed a disease-specific patient monitoring system aimed at decreasing chronic heart failure readmission rates.

The startup has also launched, a personalised health management solution recognising the diverse health needs specific to the Indian subcontinent. currently caters to over 10 businesses in Bengaluru.

Investor Hasu P Shah highlighted the startup's strategic data-driven approach to health management, emphasising the transformative potential of blending home and community care.

“Investing in Aarogya Tech is driven by my belief in their unique, data-driven approach to health management, blending home and community care. This innovative model transforms how we view doctor interactions, paving the way for more positive, healthful experiences in healthcare. This approach is not only revolutionary but essential for the future of health care around the world,” Shah stated.

Healthtech Startup Funding Landscape

Recently, Bengaluru-based claims-management startup Healspan has secured INR 1.2 Cr in a Pre-Seed funding round led by PedalStart, a startup community-builder and accelerator.

Founded in 2022 by Sabrinath U and Abhi Sinha, Healspan specialises in providing a streamlined, cashless insurance claims process, with a focus on simplifying the often intricate procedures for healthcare institutions.

Similarly, FlexifyMe, a chronic pain management platform, raised INR 10 Cr from key investors IvyCap Ventures and Flipkart Ventures in a seed funding round last month.

The funding will be strategically deployed to enhance FlexifyMe's technology, focusing on progressive exercises to address the global challenge of chronic pain affecting over two billion individuals.

Larkai Healthcare, a global medtech firm focused on providing AI-backed healthcare solutions, also raised $500,000 investment in a pre-seed funding round last month.

The investment was led by leading VC firm FAAD Network. Other participants included Bengaluru-based QI Ventures, and RTAF. It also secured additional government grants.


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