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Govt Set to Roll Out U-Win Portal by October 2023 to Digitise Routine Immunisations 

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 5, 2023

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This platform will be used in registering and providing vaccinations for each pregnant woman, documenting their childbirth outcomes, recording the births of newborns, administering initial doses, and overseeing all follow-up vaccination procedures. 

The Indian government is set to introduce the 'U-Win' portal by October 2023. The portal which is presently running in pilot mode, is a digital platform modelled after the COVID-19 vaccine management system 'Co-Win,'. It aims to maintain electronic records of routine immunisations.  

'U-Win' is specifically designed to digitise the Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) and is currently undergoing pilot testing in two districts within each state and Union Territory. 

According to official sources, this platform will play a crucial role in registering and vaccinating every pregnant woman, documenting their delivery outcomes, recording newborn deliveries, administering birth doses, and managing all subsequent vaccination events. 

The 'U-Win' system, mirroring the successful 'Co-Win,' was officially launched on January 11, rolling out across 65 districts throughout the country. 

Presently, vaccination records under the UIP are maintained manually, resulting in administrative challenges and possible errors. 'U-Win' aims to eliminate these issues by enabling the digitisation of session planning and real-time updates of vaccination status. 

One of the primary challenges faced by the current system is the complexity arising from multiple vaccines and doses, making monitoring and management cumbersome.  

Moreover, there is no mechanism for individual tracking, leading to difficulties in ensuring that all eligible individuals receive their vaccinations. 

Additionally, there is a lack of awareness among beneficiaries about vaccination session details, locations, and dates, especially in urban areas.  

Disparities in immunisation coverage among different states and Union Territories also need to be addressed. Another significant issue is that immunisations conducted at private health facilities are not currently recorded. 

The 'U-Win' portal aims to become a comprehensive source of information for immunisation services, recording pregnancy details and outcomes, newborn registrations, and immunisations at birth. It will also facilitate real-time updates on vaccination status, delivery outcomes, and the planning of routine immunisation sessions. 

Furthermore, 'U-Win' will enable digital registration of all pregnant women and newborns, allowing for individualised tracking, vaccination reminders, and follow-up for those who may miss doses.  

Healthcare workers and program managers will have access to real-time data on routine immunisation sessions and vaccination coverage, which will improve planning and distribution. 

Further, vaccine acknowledgement and immunisation cards linked to the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA ID) will be generated for pregnant women and children. States and districts will be able to access a shared database for tracking and vaccinating beneficiaries.  

Additionally, citizens will have the option to check nearby routine immunisation sessions in progress and book appointments through the platform. 

In an interesting addition, all e-vaccination certificates issued through 'U-Win' will feature images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The 'U-Win' portal represents a significant step toward streamlining and digitising India's routine immunisation efforts, ultimately ensuring that more individuals have access to essential vaccines while also improving the efficiency and accuracy of the vaccination process. 


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