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Enhanced Innovations Unveils 'Phloton' to Better Vaccine Delivery in Remote Areas

Written by : Nikita Saha

April 18, 2024

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Phloton is equipped with integrated solar panels that ensures uninterrupted operation even in areas with frequent power cuts or inconsistent electricity.

Healthcare solution provider Enhanced Innovations has unveiled Phloton, a portable cooler designed for vaccine delivery in remote areas with limited electricity access.

This cold chain solution aims to tackle the last-mile delivery challenge by maintaining the required temperature of vaccines (2-4 degrees Celsius) using integrated solar panels.

Ankita Mittal, CEO, Enhanced Innovations, said, “While vaccine companies are part of our target audience, our approach involves a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, we aim to facilitate the transportation of essential medication and vaccines. Secondly, we strive to work directly with the public healthcare system to bridge the gap in last-mile delivery. ”

This strategic move seeks to strengthen infrastructure and ensure that even the most remote communities have access to safe and timely healthcare services.

Further, Enhanced Innovations is primarily focusing on partnering with the public healthcare sector, as that's where our solution can have the greatest impact, according to the CEO.

“We aim to address the last-mile challenges in healthcare delivery, particularly in remote areas where access is limited,” Mittal noted.

How Does Phloton Work?

Enhanced’s Phloton uses active cooling technology to maintain a consistent temperature range of 2-4 degrees Celsius, which is crucial for preserving the efficacy of vaccines.

This technology, further, allows the cooler to actively regulate its internal temperature, regardless of the external environmental conditions.

Additionally, Phloton is equipped with integrated solar panels, that ensures uninterrupted operation even in areas with frequent power cuts or inconsistent electricity.

The portable cooler has a capacity of two litres, capable of storing 40 to 60 vials of vaccines. It also features continuous temperature and location tracking, equipped with real-time communication capabilities for seamless monitoring.

This allows healthcare workers to ensure that the vaccines are always kept within the required temperature range and are safely transported to their destination.

Further, the compact and portable design of Phloton makes it easily transported to remote areas, ensuring that even the most hard-to-reach populations have access to vital immunization services.

Per Enhanced Innovations, Phloton can be used beyond just human vaccines. It sees potential in animal husbandry, particularly for preserving animal vaccines and facilitating artificial insemination procedures.

Reportedly, it is also exploring the use of Phloton in diagnostics by maintaining the integrity of samples requiring cold storage during transportation.

Enhanced Innovations is actively seeking partnerships with the public healthcare system in India and other developing countries.

Their goal within the next five years is to establish themselves as leaders in last-mile cold chain solutions and expand their reach to at least two to three additional regions globally.


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