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CORE Diagnostics Collaborates with CanCertain Healthcare to Enhance Cancer Treatment Precision

Written by : Jayati Dubey

October 17, 2023

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This partnership primarily helps healthcare providers and oncologists by providing essential patient data for more effective treatment, facilitating the patient's path to recovery.

CORE Diagnostics has partnered with CanCertain Healthcare, aiming to bring advancements to the realm of cancer treatment. This strategic collaboration centres on equipping healthcare providers and oncologists with a potent tool for making personalised treatment decisions, ultimately streamlining the patient's journey toward recovery.

A cancer diagnosis is a tough challenge, flooding patients and their families with a myriad of questions and anxieties. Treatment-related uncertainties, including cost, success rates, and potential side effects, can exacerbate the emotional distress associated with cancer. Oncologists shoulder the responsibility of devising the most effective treatment plans for each patient.

CanCertain Healthcare attempts to tackle this difficulty with the CanCertain test. This diagnostic tool offers insights into a patient's tumour sensitivity or resistance to specific cancer drugs, helping oncologists to make well-informed treatment choices. In addition to saving valuable time, the CanCertain test claims to alleviate the financial strain of ineffective treatments.

Dr Shivani Sharma, vice president of Pathology Services and lab director at CORE Diagnostics, emphasises the significance of the CanCertain test, saying, "It allows us to identify the most suitable drugs for an individual's tumour while considering their immunity and drug resistance. This minimises the need for multiple rounds of different drugs, preserving the patient's immune system and substantially enhancing the prospects of successful cancer treatment."

Commenting on the same, Dinesh Chauhan, CEO of CORE Diagnostics, said, "CORE Diagnostics is proud to partner with CanCertain Healthcare to enhance the precision and effectiveness of cancer treatment. Our combined expertise will not only benefit patients but also healthcare providers who strive to deliver the best possible care."

It is important to note that the primary focus of this collaboration is to empower healthcare providers and oncologists rather than direct patient interactions. Armed with critical data, doctors can now prescribe the most suitable and effective treatments, optimising the patient's path to recovery.

Established in 2012 by Arghya Basu and Zoya Brar, CORE Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory with a primary emphasis on advanced diagnostics for disease classification and the selection of appropriate therapies.

In a similar development to enhance and elevate cancer screening quality within the current healthcare system, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently called for expressions of interest (EOI) from Indian scientists and researchers. The aim is to expedite the screening, early diagnosis, and cancer treatment at the district level.

It will engage non-specialist physicians and healthcare workers within a supportive healthcare structure to screen for cancer and pre-cancerous conditions. The focus is also on ensuring that individuals who test positive are linked to facilities for early diagnosis and treatment.


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