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Change Healthcare Unit Restores & Rebuilds Functions Managed by Amazon

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

March 22, 2024

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Assurance, medical claims, remittance management software, and Relay Exchange, a clearinghouse for validation of insurance claims, were among the services restored.

In response to a recent cyberattack, UnitedHealth Group has announced the successful restoration and rebuilding of cloud-based services operated by its subsidiary, Change Healthcare. 

The attack, which targeted Change Healthcare's applications handling medical claims, significantly disrupted healthcare operations across the United States.

Following the cyber incident, UnitedHealth Group's subsidiary, Change Healthcare, took swift action to restore its cloud-hosted applications. 

Further, the affected services, including Assurance and Relay Exchange, were fully rebuilt and reinstated with the assistance of cybersecurity experts.

Amazon's Involvement in Restoration Process

According to UnitedHealth Group, Amazon's cloud services, integral to Change Healthcare's operations, were restored from backups and cleared by cybersecurity partners. 

Assurance, medical claims, remittance management software, and Relay Exchange, a clearinghouse for validation of insurance claims, were among the services restored.

In light of the cyber threat, rigorous security measures were implemented to safeguard the restored services. 

Moreover, the UnitedHealth Group collaborated with cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks and engaged Google-owned peer Mandiant to review the rebuilt applications. 

Additionally, continuous monitoring by multiple scanning services was established to ensure ongoing security.

"We have taken every precaution and safety measure and implemented several rounds of security protocols - both internally and with our third-party partners - to ensure complete confidence in the platform," stated a spokesperson from UnitedHealth Group.

Impact on Healthcare

The cyberattack on Change Healthcare, which processes a significant portion of medical claims in the United States, caused widespread disruption within the healthcare system. 

Approximately 50% of medical claims involving numerous healthcare stakeholders, such as physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories, are processed by Change Healthcare's technology offerings.

The breach, attributed to a hacking group known as ALPHV or "BlackCat," prompted concerns about patient records' security and healthcare data's integrity. 

As investigations into the incident continue, the US government health department is actively involved in assessing the implications of the cyberattack on the healthcare sector.

Financial Support & Operational Impact

In response to the cyber incident, UnitedHealth Group initiated several measures to support healthcare providers financially affected by the breach. Advanced payments exceeding $2 billion have been disbursed to alleviate the financial strain experienced by impacted entities.

Moreover, operational adjustments were made to mitigate the impact of the cyberattack on healthcare services. 

UnitedHealth Group temporarily suspended specific administrative processes, including paperwork requirements for insurance coverage approval and the review of inpatient admissions for government-backed Medicare Advantage plans.

As investigations into the cyber incident progress, stakeholders remain vigilant against emerging threats to the healthcare ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of proactive security measures and industry-wide cooperation in safeguarding sensitive healthcare information.


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