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C-CAMP & Blockchain for Impact Join Hands to Support Biomedical Innovation in India

Written by : Arti Ghargi

April 22, 2024

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As per C-CAMP, it has a robust pipeline of biomedical innovations in the areas of infectious disease diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance, digital healthtech, and more.

The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) has collaborated with Blockchain for Impact (BFI) for the Biome Virtual Network Program, a move set to propel transformative healthcare solutions in India.

A formal pact was signed on Saturday in the presence of C-CAMP director-CEO, Taslimarif Saiyed, PhD and Dr Gaurav Singh, CEO, BFI in the presence of Dr Satya Prakash Dash, senior advisor, BFI, and Dr Pooja Agrawal, program director, BFI.

This partnership signifies a strategic alignment aimed at harnessing cutting-edge biomedical science to address critical healthcare challenges facing the nation.

At least 10 solutions from C-CAMP's robust pipeline are already in advanced stages of development including clinical trials or at pre-IND stage with the FDA or the CDSCO.

Per C-CAMP, these biomedical innovations are in the areas of infectious disease diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance, cell therapy, immuno-oncology, regenerative tissues, and digital health tech to name a few.

With the support of BFI, C-CAMP plans to provide access to more state-of-the-art infrastructure, regulatory networks, and funding/scale-up opportunities, and jumpstart the last-mile sprint to commercialization of these important emerging solutions.

According to C-CAMP, the partnership with BFI-Biome Virtual Network will help in nurturing cutting-edge biomedical science and innovation and accelerate the impact of transformative scientific advances in moving the needle for key healthcare challenges in India.

The partnership aims to add three innovators and two startups every year through the program.

What is a Biome Virtual Network?

The BFI-Biome Virtual Network Program serves as a platform for collaboration among incubators, research institutes, and stakeholders involved in the translational pipeline.

The program promotes interdisciplinary partnerships and facilitates the convergence of expertise and infrastructure essential for driving biomedical research and innovation.

The collaboration with BFI is poised to provide essential support to C-CAMP's initiatives, particularly in the final stages of commercialization.

By leveraging BFI's resources, C-CAMP aims to expedite the translation of innovative solutions into real-world applications.

As per the information, BFI will allocate over $200,000 over three years for the program to enable C-CAMP to develop essential programs for healthcare-based startups.

Announcing the partnership on LinkedIn, C-CAMP, said, “This strategic partnership will help boost biotech research, promote the sharing of skills and resources, and provide multidisciplinary insights into need identification, problem-solving, and solution implementation.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Sandeep Nailwal, founder, Blockchain for Impact, said that BFI Biome Virtual Network aims to foster an innovative environment for transformative health solutions via advancing Biomedical Research and Innovation in India.

The $15 million program brings together stakeholders to drive the next generation of interventions for improved healthcare.

By partnering with a distinguished life science incubator in India, BFI-Biome seeks to support initiatives with the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery in India and the global south.

What will the Partnership Achieve?

The partnership between C-CAMP and BFI holds significant promise for advancing healthcare innovation in India.

Dr Saiyed highlighted the shared commitment of both organizations to strengthening India's healthcare system and improving public access to quality healthcare.

“Both C-CAMP and BFI are examples of organizations that showed tremendous agility and agency in addressing the critical gaps in public health during the COVID pandemic. We were working alongside them. We will work alongside now,” he added.

Dr Gaurav Singh, CEO of BFI, emphasized the collaborative effort to advance biomedical innovation ventures in India, underscoring a holistic approach that extends beyond financial support.

“Through our biomedical research and innovation arm, district-level full-stack partnerships, and process-driven innovation funding and support, we are working towards addressing critical gaps in India’s healthcare sector,” BFI, CEO noted.

With plans to support three innovators and two start-ups annually, a call for applications for healthtech innovations will be launched shortly.


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