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Realize your Healthcare’s Digital Transformation journey with ScaleHealthTech Learn More Launches Blod+, India's First On Demand Blood Logistics Platform

Written by : Nikita Saha

November 27, 2023

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Blod+ ensures patients get their blood timely, improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Additionally, Blod+ surpasses industry norms, reducing the average sourcing time for blood from six hours to an average of two hours and seven minutes.

Chennai-based healthcare startup, has introduced India’s first on-demand blood logistics platform, Blod+.

This newly created healthcare software and logistics platform aims to revolutionise blood management and delivery in India. It is designed to ensure steady blood access for hospitals and reduce wastage significantly.

Moreover, Blod+ ensures that patients get their blood timely, improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Additionally, Blod+ surpasses industry norms, reducing the average sourcing time for blood from six hours to an average of two hours and seven minutes.

Further, the logistics platform empowers blood banks to distribute blood and components more efficiently to hospitals in its network. This feature not only reduces wastage but also streamlines the supply chain, making it easier for blood banks to manage their inventory and fulfill demands promptly.

Reportedly, several healthcare giants including CloudNine, Bewell, Sooriya Hospital, and IMAX Hospital, and 35+ more hospitals have adopted Blod+ due to its ease and user-friendly model.

Commenting on the launch, Varun Nair, CEO, said, "About 6.5L units of blood are wasted annually in India, leading to around 12,000 daily deaths. Blod- ensures hospitals have steady blood access, reducing wastage significantly."

Founded in 2021, by Varun Nair, is a healthtech startup based in Chennai, India. Before the launch of Blod+, the startup secured an undisclosed amount in Pre-Seed funding. The funding round was led by several industry leaders such as Prabhu Rangarajan (cofounder of M2P Fintech), Mohan K (cofounder of Ippo Pay). Samit Shetty (founder of Chaitanya Microfinance), Vijay Pravin (founder). Ashok Vardharajan (bitscrunch), Karthik Sivaram (cofounder of backspace), Mohammed Farouk (AVP at Dr Rela Institute), Bhopan Krishnan (founder of Outline Systems and CTO at Modives), Savitha Ramasamy. Shyam Siddarth & Praveen Krishna (cofounders of Tamilpreneur), Adithya Bharadwaj, Asutosh Upadhyay (cofounder of, and Ideas21 Impact.

In a similar development, the ICMR launched the iDrone programme, which conducted blood bag delivery via drone. This initiative sought to address the difficulties in timely delivering vital medical supplies, particularly blood, to inaccessible areas.

In the experimental phase, which took place in a few isolated rural places, blood bags were transported using specially-made drones outfitted with secure canisters. The blood samples' integrity and temperature control were closely monitored throughout the delivery procedure to guarantee the preservation of their life-saving qualities. Advanced tracking systems were also put in place to ensure that the drones' movements were continuously tracked, ensuring safe and precise delivery.

However, as digital technology is more extensively incorporated into healthcare institutions, maintaining privacy and protecting patient data has become a top priority. In light of the iDrone project and similar initiatives, it is crucial to strike a delicate balance between using digital technology to provide access to healthcare and safeguarding individual privacy rights.

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