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Clinical trials by using AI to match Indian Cancer Patients '“ Oncoshot India

Written by : Trishti Pariwal

July 25, 2023

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The AI-based programme will link Indian cancer patients with clinical trials, and it is anticipated that this will persuade pharmaceutical companies to think about doing additional localized trials. All of this is planned by Oncoshot India so that Indian cancer patients can be more accessible.

Cancer patients in India who have incurable diseases and benefit from ongoing research investigations will receive assistance from an AI-based scheme. Foreign nations assist patients during the vital stages of getting access to clinical trials because the majority of patients find it challenging to trust clinical trials.

'œClinical trials will be the only way to bring treatment to clinics, but in India, we imitate and implement the Western findings', said Dr. Kumar Prakash, professor of Tata Memorial.

The business collaborated with 5 hospitals around the country, gathered information from over 25,000 cancer patients, and created a record of the data. Despite India's lower prevalence of cancer compared to other first-world nations, there are still a lot of patients because of the country's large population.

"India has the highest population of cancer patients at any given time as estimated 2 million new cancer cases are detected in India," said Dr Atre.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, about 3% of clinical trials worldwide are conducted in India. Additionally, the report claims that cancer patients in India participated extensively in clinical studies in the past. However, following reports claimed that patients were not informed about the objectives of the trial, the medicine, or its side effects, which demonstrates a lack of knowledge. India can greatly improve its knowledge of cancer patients by integrating additional medical facilities with health organizations like Oncoshot and by educating the public about it.


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