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Aster MIMS Kozhikode Implements's AI-Enhanced Stroke Care Solution

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 20, 2024

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The initiative promises to revolutionize stroke care in resource-constrained settings by leveraging advanced medical imaging technology.

In a significant stride towards enhancing stroke care and diagnosis, Aster MIMS Hospital in Kozhikode has collaborated with, a prominent provider of AI solutions for medical imaging.

This partnership introduces an innovative Hub and Spoke model powered by AI technology, aiming to ensure timely diagnosis and better care coordination for stroke-suspected patients across its network.'s deployment at Aster MIMS Hospital includes the implementation of the qER suite of solutions, an AI-enabled head CT solution integrated with the Qure App care platform.

This cutting-edge technology allows for the rapid processing of CT scans, enabling healthcare professionals to receive real-time patient information and radiology images for swift decision-making, particularly critical in suspected stroke cases.

Hub & Spoke Model

At the heart of this collaboration lies the Hub and Spoke model, which connects resource-challenged spoke hospitals to a central hub hospital, optimizing healthcare infrastructure utilization.

Under this model, Aster MIMS Calicut, serving as the hub hospital, will be connected with four spoke hospitals situated on the peripheries of Kozhikode.

This network is expected to handle approximately 1500 stroke patients annually, including 600 patients from the connected spoke sites.

Sharing thoughts, Dr Ashraj V V, Sr. consultant & director, Aster Institute of Neurosciences, said, "The AI-powered Hub & Spoke model is a promising technology that ensures timely treatment for stroke patients.'s care coordination app facilitates effective collaboration between healthcare professionals across the Hub & Spoke network and helps in optimizing healthcare infrastructure."

The initiative promises to revolutionize stroke care in resource-constrained settings by leveraging advanced medical imaging technology.

Further,'s AI solutions enhance the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, enabling effective collaboration between healthcare professionals across the Hub and Spoke network.

On the partnership, Prashant Warier, CEO & cofounder,, said, "Deploying our solutions at a super-speciality hospital like Aster MIMS, Kozhikode, is a stepping stone to making advanced healthcare accessible for some of India's most remote locations.’’

According to Warier, this model of deployment is a testament to AI's potential for bridging the healthcare gap in India.

‘’This is a significant step towards battling the stroke care burden in India and a step closer to our vision of making healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone," CEO added.

Facilitating Critical Care Coordination

The Qure App plays a crucial role in facilitating critical care coordination across the Hub and Spoke network. Through timely alerts and notifications, healthcare professionals can prioritize interventions and ensure timely care delivery to stroke patients.

Dr Abdurehiman KP, Sr. consultant & head, Neurology, Aster MIMS Calicut, said, "AI has upgraded many aspects of our lives, and healthcare is one of them.'s AI-enabled head CT solution helps in faster stroke diagnosis and their care coordination app significantly reduces the Turnaround Time (TAT) for interventions through real-time case notifications and alerts across the Hub & Spoke network."

This partnership between Aster MIMS Kozhikode and underscores the transformative potential of AI in healthcare delivery, particularly in the diagnosis and management of critical conditions such as stroke.

Through strategic partnerships and technological innovations, stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem are poised to address longstanding challenges and pave the way for a healthier future.

In a similar development, Ludhiana's Christian Medical College (CMC) Hospital joined hands with Medtronic, a global healthcare technology company, to introduce's AI-powered advanced stroke care solution. With this initiative, CMC Hospital plans to expand the use of this technology to more hospitals in Punjab.

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