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Abbott Launches GLP System Track to Enhance Diagnostic Services

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 12, 2024

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Abbott's GLP Systems Track claims to offer reliable solutions to support efficient workflows in diagnostic centers.

Global healthcare leader Abbott has introduced GLP System Track, an advanced automated solution designed to assist diagnostic centers in managing large volumes of samples for testing.

As India emerges as the world's most populous country, the burden of chronic diseases is on the rise. The diagnostic services sector in India is expected to experience annual growth of 11% to 12% between 2021 and 2026.

Abbott's GLP System Track aims to provide flexibility, optimize performance, and enhance efficiency for diagnostic centers, addressing the escalating demand for diagnostic services.

The demand for laboratories offering diagnostic services has grown significantly, with 70% of medical decisions today relying on test results.

Abbott's GLP System Track seeks to automate laboratory operations in diagnostic centers, thereby increasing both the availability and quality of medical care. The automation solutions have already been deployed in key cities such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Srinagar.

Sharing thoughts, Jamshed Patravala, general manager & country head, Diagnostics, Abbott India, said, "Our approach to providing reliable solutions takes care of every aspect of the complex healthcare equation, and automation is at the heart of this service. This will help to increase testing capacity and thereby address the pressing challenges facing the country's healthcare system and create a more sustainable way of working."

In a dynamically changing healthcare landscape, diagnostic centers need to enhance their capabilities to remain efficient and competitive. Abbott's approach claims to provide reliable solutions that address the complexities of the healthcare equation, with automation playing a central role.

The GLP System Track is expected to increase testing capacity, address pressing challenges within India's healthcare system, and foster a more sustainable operational framework.

Abbott's New Offering

Abbott's GLP Systems Track claims to offer reliable solutions to support efficient workflows in diagnostic centers. The system is designed to adapt to a variety of laboratory layouts and can flexibly adjust services based on changes in the demand for tests.

Its key benefits include a user-friendly interface, smart software structure supporting operational efficiency, and improved implementation and productivity. The system promises the timely delivery of important test results to physicians, aiding in driving outcomes and providing enhanced patient care.

Highlighting the advantages of Abbott's GLP System Track, Sandeep Shah, Joint MD, Neuberg group, said, "Abbott's GLP Systems track offers us reliable solutions to support efficient workflows. Fast as needed to support a wide range of laboratory layouts and flexibly change service as demand for tests changes. Track design and many other benefits come with this service.’’

Further elaborating on its features, Shah mentioned that this system has a simple user interface and smart software structure to support operational efficiency. This, according to him, improves implementation and productivity and helps get important test results to physicians in a timely manner.

“These results help them drive outcomes and provide better patient care," Shah added.

For Efficient Laboratory Operations

The scalable automation solution provided by Abbott incorporates energy-efficient technology, enhancing the efficiency of every laboratory operation.

The system instills discipline in implementation and streamlines the sample handling process, resulting in improved service quality. Abbott's GLP System Track seeks to contribute to a sustainable future by utilizing minimal resources.

As diagnostic services continue to play a crucial role in healthcare decision-making, advanced automation solutions like the GLP System Track are expected to further elevate the quality and efficiency of diagnostic centers in India.

Implementing such technologies aligns with the nation's healthcare goals and ensures that the growing population receives timely and accurate diagnostic services.

In November, Abbott introduced the FreeStyle LibreLink app in India, offering users of the FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system the convenience of checking readings on their mobile phones without needing finger pricking.

The app, compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, provides real-time glucose data and enables accessible information sharing with healthcare providers.


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