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Ultrahuman to Set Up 1st US Manufacturing Facility for Smart Rings, UltraFactory

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

April 25, 2024

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This Indiana-based facility is poised to expand its production capabilities and satisfy the rising demand for smart wearables, primarily in the health monitoring market.

Ultrahuman, a Bengaluru-based healthtech startup, has forayed into the US manufacturing sector by establishing UltraFactory, the first manufacturing facility for smart rings in the US.

This strategic move aims to bolster its production capabilities and solidify its position in the smart ring market,

Situated in Indiana, US, the facility is poised to bolster its production capabilities and cater to the growing demand for its smart wearable devices, particularly in the health monitoring segment.

Sharing insights, Mohit Kumar, founder and CEO of Ultrahuman, said, "UltraFactory US would enable manufacturing for health tracking smart ring devices and give us the ability to do necessary research to evolve the form factor further."

Expanding Production Capacities

The UltraFactory in the US represents a pivotal step for Ultrahuman as it seeks to meet the increasing demand for its innovative wearable devices.

The facility will offer end-to-end production capabilities, mirroring the success of the company's existing manufacturing model in India.

The decision to venture into the US manufacturing landscape comes at a strategic juncture for Ultrahuman, buoyed by a recent influx of $35 million in funding.

This series B funding round underscores investor confidence in the company's innovative offerings and its potential to carve a niche in the competitive healthtech market.

Reason Behind the Foray

Ultrahuman's foray into the US market is driven by a dual objective: to strengthen its foothold in the smart ring segment and to tap into the burgeoning demand for health tracking devices.

With the US emerging as a key market for the company, the establishment of the UltraFactory will not only streamline production processes but also present lucrative revenue opportunities, with an estimated annual revenue potential of $100 million.

Moreover, the move aligns with the US government's push for domestic manufacturing, positioning Ultrahuman as a key contributor to the country's economic landscape. The expected hiring boom of 150 new employees in the US underscores the company's focus on job creation and investment in local talent.

What are Ultrahuman’s Offerings?

In addition to its flagship smart ring, Ring AIR, Ultrahuman offers a diverse product suite catering to various aspects of health monitoring.

In addition to its flagship smart ring, Ring AIR, Ultrahuman boasts a comprehensive suite of healthtech solutions, including M1 Live, a continuous glucose monitoring wearable, Ultrahuman Home for home health monitoring, and Blood Vision, a preventive blood testing product.

With a robust pipeline of innovative offerings, Ultrahuman is on track to surpass the $100 million annualized revenue run rate by the end of 2024, underpinning its sustained profitability and market viability.

Ultrahuman's recent funding infusion of $35 million underscores investor confidence in the healthtech sector, particularly in light of the company's pioneering endeavors in wearable health monitoring technology.

Led by prominent venture capital firms and bolstered by participation from notable angel investors, the funding round underscores a broader trend of renewed interest in healthtech startups.

Despite fluctuations in venture capital investments, the healthtech sector attracts significant funding, driven by its potential for transformative impact and exponential growth.

With innovative models tailored to address the evolving healthcare needs of the Indian populace, the digital healthcare industry is poised for remarkable expansion, catalysed by technological innovation and strategic investments.


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