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Profile: How Any Time Clinic Is Solving Hyderabad's Health Check-Up Logjams

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

August 16, 2023

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The digital healthcare kiosk offers swift health assessments. It claims to be capable of conducting more than 75 different tests, both invasive (blood and strip-based) and non-invasive.

Digitisation has transformed every segment of the economy, healthcare is no different. With lakhs of people suffering to access minimal healthcare needs, Hyderabad's Any Time Clinic is serving a hope. Developed by Gem Opencube Technologies, Hyderabad, this clinic is bringing quick and effective turnaround in diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, and medicine delivery.

The clinic claims to offer swift health assessments, is capable of conducting more than 75 different tests, both invasive (blood and strip-based) and non-invasive. Within a mere few minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes, it can perform tests ranging from BMI, BMR, height, weight, body temperature, blood pressure, and ECG, as per the clinic.

Powered by AI and ML software, as well as advanced sensors, Any Time Clinic conducts a comprehensive range of health checkups.

Further, the clinic facilitates risk assessment for conditions including HIV, lung, breast, and brain cancer, tumours, and heart diseases. It even boasts a breath analyser to detect alcohol content.

The generated reports can be easily printed from the machine, and softcopies can be conveniently sent to WhatsApp numbers. Individual medical records are digitally stored by Any Time Clinic for future healthcare reference. Its design, reminiscent of an ATM, ensures user-friendly accessibility, said the clinic. Further, registration can be completed using a mobile number, thumb scanner, or health card.

Upon registration, users are offered the choice between diagnostic tests and doctor consultations, courtesy of collaborating with Pranaam Hospitals, where the clinic offers an array of doctors to select from.

The clinic was founded in February 2019, by P Vinod Kumar, CEO and founder of Gem Opencube Technologies. He said, "We have introduced the Any Time Clinic to make healthcare and diagnostic services available 24/7 and at an affordable price, which will be opening in Hyderabad shortly."

The service is priced between Rs 150 to Rs 200. Initial deployment of the machine is planned at Shilparamam, Hyderabad.


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