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PA Clinical Network Partners Guidehealth to Enhance Value-Based Care

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

May 7, 2024

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The collaboration aims to empower healthcare providers in the Keystone State to navigate the complexities of value-based care with greater ease and efficiency.

In a bid to bolster value-based care initiatives among physicians in Pennsylvania, the PA Clinical Network has forged a multiyear partnership with Guidehealth, a prominent healthtech company. 

The collaboration empowers healthcare providers across the Keystone State with enhanced tools and services to drive better patient outcomes and experiences while reducing costs.

The PA Clinical Network, a clinically integrated network led by physicians and supported by the state's medical society, seeks to leverage Guidehealth's advanced AI-enabled tools and clinical services. 

These resources are poised to simplify the process for providers, enabling them to achieve improved patient outcomes and experiences while reducing costs.

John Pagan, MD & president, PA Clinical Network, highlighted Guidehealth's solutions' pivotal role in mitigating administrative burdens, particularly in patient notification and outreach, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

"Many of these practices, especially post-COVID, do not have a lot of extra resources or personnel to follow up and contact and coordinate patients between visits. With this partnership, we can reach those patients before, after, and between visits to ensure that they are getting the ideal care that their physician has prescribed," he added.

According to Mark Selna, MD, president & COO, Guidehealth, supporting the primary care physician in a very timely way can ensure that his or her patients are getting what they need.

Selna further underscored the timeliness of the tools in supporting physicians in delivering optimal care to their patients.

Driving Cultural Alignment

While the partnership is in its nascent stages, Pagan expressed optimism regarding its potential to serve as a compelling "proof of concept" for future collaborations. 

He underscored the importance of cultural alignment between the two organizations, citing a shared commitment to delivering exceptional care as a cornerstone of their alliance.

"I think the philosophical alignment is important even before you start talking about alignments and partnerships is the philosophical alignment," Pagan noted.

Future Prospects

Guidehealth's recent acquisition of Arcadia's managed service organization and value-based care service division aims to bolster support for providers navigating value-based care models. 

Further, the integration of AI offers new opportunities for predictive analytics and insights, enhancing providers' ability to thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape.

While the partnership's financial terms remain undisclosed, its potential to empower independent physicians and drive advancements in value-based care models remains a focal point of interest within the healthcare industry.


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