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OMRON's Vision for Transforming Healthcare in India

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

March 3, 2024

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With a vision of "Going For ZERO," OMRON aims to eradicate preventable health issues and enhance the quality of life for millions nationwide.

In the vast expanse of India's healthcare landscape, where challenges often outnumber solutions, OMRON emerges as a beacon of innovation and progress. With a resolute vision of "Going For ZERO," OMRON is not merely envisioning a healthier nation but actively engineering its realization. This comprehensive exploration delves into OMRON's strategic focus, market insights, collaborative endeavors, future outlook, and manufacturing endeavors, elucidating its pivotal role in reshaping healthcare paradigms across the Indian subcontinent.

Tetsuya Yamada, MD of OMRON Healthcare India, articulates the company's ambitious plans in an exclusive conversation with Aishwarya Sarthe, Industry Analyst at DHN. Central to OMRON's strategy is not merely the provision of cutting-edge health monitoring devices but rather cultivating a culture of proactive healthcare management.

OMRON's Strategic Focus Areas

Cardiovascular Disease Management

OMRON's strategic focus spans key areas within the healthcare domain, notably cardiovascular disease management and respiratory healthcare. Recognizing the burgeoning burden of cardiovascular ailments, OMRON intensifies its efforts to fortify its presence in this critical segment. By proliferating the accessibility of digital blood pressure monitors for hypertension management and advocating for regular home monitoring, OMRON seeks to catalyze a paradigm shift toward preventive cardiac care.

In the realm of cardiovascular disease management, OMRON aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships. The company's concerted efforts are directed towards enhancing the availability of digital blood pressure monitors and spreading awareness about the importance of regular blood pressure monitoring at home. By empowering individuals to monitor their blood pressure proactively, OMRON seeks to mitigate the risk factors associated with hypertension and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events.

Respiratory Healthcare

Furthermore, OMRON's foray into respiratory healthcare underscores its aim to address critical health challenges facing the Indian population. Asthma, a prevalent respiratory condition, imposes a significant burden on healthcare systems and individuals alike. OMRON's innovative approach to respiratory healthcare includes introducing groundbreaking devices such as the OMRON WheezeScan—a portable device designed to detect wheezing in children, facilitating early intervention for asthma.

OMRON's focus on respiratory healthcare extends beyond disease detection to encompass prevention and management strategies. By promoting the "Early Detection and Early Treatment" paradigm, OMRON aims to empower individuals and healthcare providers to manage respiratory ailments proactively. The company's innovative products, including nebulizers and wheeze scanners, are pivotal in facilitating early intervention and improving health outcomes for individuals with respiratory conditions.

Market Dynamics & Competitive Edge

A comprehensive understanding of the Indian patient monitoring devices market provides valuable insights into OMRON's strategic positioning. Projected to reach $2.36 billion by 2028, the market's trajectory is propelled by factors such as the escalating prevalence of chronic diseases and the growing preference for home and remote monitoring solutions. By delivering high-quality products imbued with precision, user-friendliness, and compliance with international standards, OMRON ensures the generation of genuine value for users—an indispensable hallmark of its commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Moreover, in an increasingly crowded market with price-driven competition, OMRON offers products that prioritize accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness. By adhering to stringent quality standards and leveraging advanced technologies, OMRON ensures its products deliver tangible benefits to users, enhancing their overall health and well-being.

Strategic Initiatives & Collaborations

One of its recent collaborations is with Tricog, the leading organization in remote cardiac diagnosis for home heart healthcare management. Another collaboration is with Pharma Giant Glenmark to initiate a campaign focusing on starting early and making people monitor their blood pressure from the age of 18. 

The company also brings value additions to its app OMRON Connect, which is the bridge between patients and doctors, enabling real-time sharing of blood pressure data, deciding the course of treatment, and motivating patients to make monitoring a key part of their daily healthcare regime. 

The company reached its 50th anniversary in blood pressure monitor production in 2023 and has sold over 350 million units globally, making it the world's most recommended blood pressure monitor by healthcare professionals.

Future Outlook & Expansion Plans

Looking ahead, OMRON is poised to leverage its collaborations and technological advancements to broaden its impact on healthcare delivery in India. Launching innovative products such as the OMRON Complete—a home BP + ECG monitor—and the WheezeScan underscores OMRON's focus on driving early detection and treatment across cardiovascular and respiratory healthcare domains.

Furthermore, OMRON's expansion strategy encompasses geographical outreach, with a concerted focus on Tier-II and III cities and rural regions. By enhancing accessibility and touchpoints, OMRON aims to democratize access to quality healthcare across diverse demographics.

Manufacturing Endeavours & Community Outreach

OMRON's decision to inaugurate a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Chennai in 2025 signifies a pivotal step towards bolstering local production capabilities and fostering economic development. This strategic move reflects OMRON's commitment to promoting indigenous manufacturing and actively engaging with the communities it serves.

The establishment of the manufacturing facility in Chennai underscores OMRON's strategic focus on enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring quality control. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and modern manufacturing practices, OMRON aims to elevate its production standards to meet the evolving demands of the Indian market.

Moreover, this localization initiative aligns with OMRON's vision of nurturing local talent and fostering innovation within India. Through establishing a robust manufacturing ecosystem, OMRON seeks to create job opportunities and contribute to the growth of India's manufacturing sector.

Public Education & Awareness Campaign

One of the recent initiatives of OMRON in this regard is a 15-day special awareness drive for hypertension management conducted at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, Ayodhya.

The campaign, titled “Har Hriday Mein Baste Hain Bhagwan Shri Ram; Har Hridya Kee Suraksha Hai Hamara Kaam,” aims to elevate public education and awareness about the role of home blood pressure monitoring for hypertension. It comprised free blood pressure and ECG readings for the people walking into the temple complex. 

The company has also donated its digital blood pressure monitors and other products to the Shri Ram Govt Hospital, Ayodhya, as a part of the drive. 

Disclaimer: The above article is an advertorial. DHN and its editorial team doesn’t take accountability of the facts & information provided here. 

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