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Oasis Fertility Launches AI-Powered Chatbot for Fertility Support

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

August 9, 2023

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Infertility-related content can be found in the Ask Oasis Fertility, an AI-powered knowledge platform that is an encyclopedia for infertility-related data

Oasis Fertility, a prominent fertility chain in India, has unveiled'“Ask Oasis Fertility, an AI-powered interactive chatbot designed to provide support and information to couples facing fertility challenges.

Ask Oasis Fertility comes to offer much-needed information and support to couples grappling with fertility issues. As infertility remains a topic with limited awareness and understanding, Oasis Fertility aims to bridge this knowledge gap and empower couples to make well-informed decisions regarding fertility treatments.

Dr. Durga G Rao, cofounder & medical director of Oasis Fertility, congratulated fertility specialists, embryologists, and gynaecologists for helping numerous couples achieve parenthood through IVF.

She highlighted the advancements that have lowered risks and improved IVF success rates. Dr. Rao emphasised the benefits of drug-free IVF, an innovative and cost-effective treatment that provides a less intensive option for women seeking IVF. She also emphasised the importance of acknowledging the biological clock, especially for women in their 30s, and suggested options like social freezing to preserve fertility potential.

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head & Clinical Embryologist, applauded the progress made in the past 45 years that allows men with low or zero sperm count to have biological children through innovative treatments. He emphasised the role of a healthy lifestyle in boosting fertility and dispelled misconceptions about IVF babies, stating that they are no different from naturally conceived babies. Dr. Chaitanya emphasised the necessity of discussing infertility concerns with fertility specialists to receive appropriate interventions.

Sudhaker Jadhav, CEO of Oasis Fertility, highlighted Oasis Fertility's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance patient outcomes. He introduced the AI-powered platform, Ask Oasis Fertility, called an "Encyclopedia for infertility-related information."

This claimed user-friendly chatbot is intended to serve as a comprehensive knowledge resource for couples facing fertility challenges, providing them with a channel to access vital information about infertility. Jadhav expressed optimism that the interactive chatbot would significantly aid couples on their journey to parenthood.

The launch was announced on World IVF Day, 25th July, as a reminder of the significant strides made in assisted reproductive technology over the years.


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